I Will

"I Will" is about what you will achieve during 2009!

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Please note I haven't published my newsletter during the
past two weeks because my January 2009 Sales are up 250%
over January 2008.

Nice problem to have which means I've been the classic road
warrior for the last 10 days.

I'm back home and will publish my newsletters every week.

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Have you prepared your "I Will" list for 2009? Yeah - it's
a list of all the things "I Will" achieve during the New

This is the best time of the year to let go of the past
and start anew!

Your "I Will List" is a contract with yourself. It works
this way.

Just look at the following list and add or delete as you
see fit.

Once you've created your "I Will List" print it out and
have 3 copies laminated.

One for your office, one for your briefcase, and one for
the visor of your car.

Be sure to autograph and date your list.

Starting the New Year with an "I Will List" is far
superior than having an "I'll Try List" attitude.

During 2009 . . .

"I Will" stop . . .

"I Will" start . . .

"I Will" change . . .

"I Will" practice smiling more.

"I Will" exercise my mind and my body.

"I Will" commit # time and $ to charity.

"I Will" invest $$$ in my self-development.

"I Will" treat my spouse like a King / Queen.

"I Will" plan my work and work my plan every day.

"I Will" rewrite my personal and professional GOALS.

"I Will" continue to work on my attitude of gratitude.

"I Will" write at least one handwritten note every day.

"I Will" commit every thing it takes to exceed my quota.

In sales, little things mean everything. This is a
little thing that will have a big impact on your
2009 selling results.

If you say "I Will" I'll bet "You Will!"




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My January 2009 sales are up 250% over January 2008. Rest
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