How to Increase Sales Fast

Stop talking about your products and start solving your sales prospect's problems.

Have you ever seriously thought about the disadvantages of talking too much, especially if you're in sales?

The disadvantages can be humongous and have a negative impact on your selling results and your personal income.

Here's a short list of the disadvantages of talking too much.

1. You can't learn anything about your sales prospect when you're doing all the talking.

2. If you don't learn anything concrete about your sales prospect you're probably relying on your improvisation skills throughout the sales call.

3. And maybe the worst possible outcome is you end up behaving like most salespeople who usually talk too much.

4. Talking too much doesn't differentiate you from other salespeople. In fact, it puts you squarely in the chatter-box brigade.

It's so much better to start solving your sales prospects problems and emphasizing the solutions your products provide.

Most salespeople, unfortunately, start selling too soon and the simple reason is because they start talking too much.

When you put the latch-key on talking too much, your sales will take off.

Let me paint you a picture and it's one I'll never forget.

About 15 years ago, the month is December, and the temperature is 5°.

We were still living in Libertyville Illinois at the time.

It's about 7 PM and Bernadette, my wife, wanted to look at new cars.

She wanted to get the same make and model she bought five years earlier because she was happy with this car.

As we pull up to the front door we spot this huge salesperson with his arms and legs spread as wide as he could sitting at a desk.

He wasn't huge, he looked like a Walrus.

In fact, the buttons on his shirt, looked like missiles and ready to explode in our direction.

As we walked into the showroom he got up and I swear he had this look that said, "They're mine" on his face.

The first words out of his mouth were, "Can I help you?"


"Simply breathtaking!"

I have never heard this before in my entire life!

Then he continues with more sales babble.

He didn't ask my wife, remember it was her car, a single question.

After just a few minutes, I said, "We'll think about it," and left.

This guy was an imposter.

He was doing his best to impersonate a professional sales person.

He didn't look like one.

He didn't sound like one.

And he certainly didn't act like one.

What if the Walrus asked my wife just this one question.

"If you could change anything about the car you are driving what would it be?"

She probably would've said, "The 62,500 miles on my odometer, because I want to avoid costly maintenance repairs."

With that information a professional sales representative would be able to tailor his presentation to my wife's specific concerns.

But he didn't. We left and went across the street to a Chrysler dealership where my wife purchased the first of three Chrysler Mini Vans.

The Walrus didn't lose one sale, he lost three sales. And he doesn't have a clue.

Finally, here's the secret finding more selling success in your sales territory.

start solving your sales prospects problems and stop talking about your products.

Do this and you'll increase sales fast - really fast.

The one thing that transforms good salespeople into great salespeople are the sales questions they ask.

You won't get much pushback from your sales prospects, when they're responding to your intelligent sales questions.

Selling is easy when you do it right!

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In my Sales Trailblazer Sales Training Course lesson #7 is titled "Explore And Explode The Brand Called You."

Here's an excerpt:

The first step to becoming better is being different. I can tell you from my own personal experience, this is easy to say and hard to do for most entrepreneurs and salespeople.

Because we're just not wired to be different. In fact we may be wired so we want to be like everyone else.

Now, if you believe any of your products are commodities you probably don't understand what I'm talking about.

You see, products don't turn themselves into commodities - salespeople do it.

If you truly believe in the concept of "Differentiation," there are no commodities in the universe.

You have it all wrong if you really believe your customers buy your products because they believe your products are unique in some ways.

What really happens is your customers and prospects are attracted to your products because you (The seller) believe your products are unique.

People get excited about products and services when the salesperson is excited about his products and services.

Why blend in, when you can stand out?

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