Life Is What You Make It

Life is What You Make It
by M. Walter Levine

Have you ever been given news that brought you to your knees? Has life ever thrown you a curve ball that took your breath away? Has your world ever been shaken with information that put a wobble in the course of your life?

Would you like to have the power to control your destiny? Every once in a while you need a check up from the neck up. It helps to align your thinking to keep you on track so that your goals and mission are going in the same direction. Nobody ever said life was easy.

I have surely been there. My wish is that you will find Hope and that it will carry you forward to the realization of your dreams. Live your life the way you want it to be. You need to know that what happens in your life is in your control. It is your choice.

You never know how and from where you will get guidance in life, and it my greatest hope and sincerest wish for you to take some of what I’ve learned and apply it to yourself and your personal journey – whether it’s a fight against cancer, a fight to succeed in your business, a fight against being poor, or whatever. When you add my principles to your every day choices, I guarantee that you will find the way less bumpy and more positive for your future. I will share the principles that have gotten me through my life journey from going from “Nuttin’ to Something” by asking the simple question, “How Can I Help You?”

In 1991 my doctors informed me that over 90% of my body had cancer. One morning soon after, I awoke to find my team of lawyers and accountants and friends standing over my bed. It felt surreal, and I vividly recall asking, “What are you all doing here?” They had such serious looks on their faces, and they asked if I could think of anything else that needed to be taken care of regarding my estate. Did I want to give anything to anyone or make any additions or changes to my will? I promptly told them all to go straight to hell or at least back to their respective homes and offices. I had no intention of dying, and I planned to beat this thing called cancer. As far as I was concerned, the fight was on.

The doctors had essentially thrown in the towel as far as my treatment was concerned. I wasn’t given much hope. That was over twenty years ago. What did I do? Well, I fought through the fear, got angry, got excited, consulted with others, visualized and prayed.

If you have ever thought of giving up, my message to you is: Please don’t do it. You can visualize a goal and you CAN make it happen - or at least give it your best try. And now you too will learn how.

I’ve done well for myself in the business world—I’m good at sales, and have literally come back from financial ruin multiple times using positive thinking, visualization and perseverance to achieve success. Upon reflection, I now see that I approached my cancer in many ways the same way I do business,

These are the principles I’ve learned during my journey:

• Who ever said life was easy?
• There are no shortcuts.
• To be enthusiastic, you gotta act enthusiastic.
• If you do nothing, you get nothing.
• How high do you want to go? It’s up to you.
• When opportunity knocks, answer the door.
• Nothing is more constant than change.
• Life really is beautiful; people can be great when given the opportunity.
• It’s not magic, just work harder than everyone else if you want to succeed.
• You can’t win if you don’t play.
• God helps those who help others.
• There is always more to learn.

My advice is: Fight for your best life. Never give up on what you want out of it, and please, whatever you do, do not listen to the nay-sayers. No one is immune from difficulties and nothing is more constant than change. But keep your sunny side up and know that you may (will) run into brick walls, conflict, self-doubt and bad days along the road. But you and your mind can conquer anything it believes it can.

Consider the classic children’s book, The Little Engine That Could. Read it and believe it with all your heart – be that little engine. I think you can, and you can too. Listen to what successful people say, watch what they do, ask them questions about how things work. Watch and learn. Stay on top of your game. Cherish family. Build wonderful friendships, and think of these relationships as family. And when it happens enjoy the feeling. Surround yourself with supportive people, including your healthcare providers and healing professionals.

And as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Hope is your visualization. Dream of success both in business and life, and love everything you do. I say: “Life is what you make it. So make it great!”

M. Walter Levine is author of How Can I Help You? The Most Important Question in Business and in Life. For a free copy of Walter’s special report, “12 Key Principles for Achieving Success” visit his website: