How To Achieve Spectacular Selling Results During The 4th Quarter

How would you like to achieve superior selling results during the 4th quarter?

First, remove the words can't and impossible from your personal dictionary.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible unless you first agree that it is.

If you pursue your personal and professional goals with energy, enthusiasm, and extraordinary passion you can achieve anything - because nothing is impossible. Never forget this!

The 4th quarter can be both challenging and extremely rewarding if you possess the right mindset. Too many people, especially salespeople, write off the 4th quarter because of the holidays and the distractions associated with them.

Because of the holidays and other end of the year distractions you must stay focused.

Here are 6 things you can do to achieve spectacular selling results during the 4th quarter.

1. Here's what I want you to do first. Calculate the sales dollars you need between now and December 31st to achieve 102% of your current sales plan.

The last thing you want to do during the last quarter is to run yourself ragged by running around in circles. You need to know how many sales dollars you need to achieve 102% of your sales plan.

Okay, so you're wondering why 102%? The rationale is based on pure logic. If you aim for 100% and come up a little short you won't make your sales quota. On the other hand if you aim at 102% and come up a little short you will exceed your sales plan.

2. Next, I want you to calculate how many sales (business) days remain until December 31st then divide your sales dollars needed by this number of days. You should know how many sales dollars you need every day to exceed your sales plan.

Take this number and divide it by 2 which gives you how many sales dollars you need to generate every morning and every afternoon until the end of the year.

Do you have any idea how many salespeople don't have any clue what these numbers are for their sales territory? Imagine having a gun and going to a shooting range without any targets. It never happens because at the range it's ready, aim, and fire. When the shooting stops you can immediately see how successful you were.

It works the same way in sales. As soon as you determine what your target is you'll start selling more every selling day.

3. Identify your seven biggest sales prospects and your seven biggest customers. Then, using numbers prioritize your sales prospects and customers.

Ask yourself, "What would have to happen in each of these accounts for you to get more business during the 4th quarter."

The 4th quarter is no time for a pity party. It is the time for a gargantuan selling effort to achieve your ultimate selling success.

4. Invest at least one hour of your time to create a Buzz for you, your products, and your company.

If you're not creating the Buzz then who is? Obviously - nobody!

Create a list of buzz worthy things you can talk about with your sales prospects and customers. The 4th quarter is no time to be making routine sales calls. It's no time to show up on your customer’s doorstep without talking about what's hot about your products and your company.

You need to put "What's hot" up in neon lights for everybody to see.

5. During the 4th quarter avoid the temptation to talk about "Discounts."

It is appropriate however to talk about value, added value, and of course special incentives.

If it's at all possible and practical dollarize the value you're offering. If you can't dollarize the value don't think your sales prospects and customers will see the value.

For example, imagine you're selling capital equipment. Also imagine that every order includes a (No Charge) two-day technical training program and a comprehensive 167 page manual.

Be sure to tell your new customer the 167 page manual is valued at $173.50

Also tell your new customer that your two-day technical training program is valued at $2857.

When you do this, your customer sees the real value. And by the way no one will ever question the value you put on something.

6. Finally, it's time for you to get genuinely excited about your products and your company. You see, the more excited you are the more excited your sales prospects and customers will become. But it starts with you!

During the next three months start every selling day with extraordinary energy, enthusiasm, and passion for your products and for your company.

Someone a lot wiser than me once said "Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm."

Best of everything during your 4th Quarter.

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