Your Attitude
Is Everything In Sales

Your attitude is everything in sales.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Are you positive or negative?

Do you hope or expect to achieve selling results?

Attitude is how you think about everything. It's also how you react to different situations.

Nobody likes being around a whiner! Are you a whiner?

Do you like to point fingers at others because of your shortcomings? For example, if you're selling and not making your numbers, are you saying or thinking, I could sell more if we had more catalogs, a better website, more inventory" . . . and the list goes on.

Don't blame others for your weaknesses. Take responsibility and take charge.

Attitude is all about how you see the world and the people who live in it.

You lose a sale that you've worked hard to win - how do you react? Do you congratulate the customer on the choice he made and ask for his advice on how you can be more competitive next time?

That takes courage - but it displays the right attitude.

You win a sale that you worked hard to win - what's your attitude? Are you humble and appreciative or do you become obnoxious?

The thing about attitude is - it's all about choices and you get to do the choosing.

Unfortunately you don't get to judge your attitude - others do, namely sales prospects and your customers.

Think of your attitude as an on / off switch. Give it a name like showtime.

Before every telephone call and before every sales call make sure your attitude is positive and upbeat and filled with extraordinary expectations.

To achieve this simply turn your showtime switch on.

Since your attitude is everything when you're selling - make sure you have the right one on display with your sales prospects and customers.

Start selling more today and everyday . . .

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