Basic Selling Skills
How Sharp Are Yours

Sharpening your basic selling skills might be the solution if you’re experiencing sluggish selling results during this everlasting recession.

Sure things run in cycles. There are good times and there are times like we are experiencing today.

I remember getting a phone call from the president of a small healthcare consulting company.

I asked him questions about his business and he described his situation in considerable detail.

At one time business was so good it didn't require much effort. It was like going fishing and watching the fish jump onto your boat without any effort or skills required by the fishermen.

The president of the small company needed help. He wanted to acquire the basic selling skills needed to consistently grow his business year after year. He was tired of waiting for the fish to jump onto his boat.

What kind of year did you have last year? What kind of year are you having this year?

On a 1-10 scale how would you rate yourself in these 13 critical areas:

=>> Achieving goals

=>> Managing time

=>> Communicating effectively

=>> Identifying opportunities

=>> Assessing opportunities

=>> Analyzing behavioral styles

=>> Presenting solutions
=>> Overcoming obstacles

=>> Securing commitments

=>> Measuring results

=>> Attitude

=>> Confidence

=>> Enthusiasm

Think about this for a minute and be honest with yourself. Most people recognize their shortcomings and you probably do too.

But what are you doing about?

Are you hunting for new selling skills?

Most people truly believe they know what they need to know about selling - so they stop learning.

What a tragedy. What a mistake. If what you're doing isn't working stop doing it immediately and look for better solutions elsewhere.

Maybe it's time for you to revisit and reacquaint yourself with the basic selling skills.

The good news is you don't have to go back to college.

You don't have to read 100 books. On the other hand you do have to do something.

You have to take the initiative and take bold steps to sharpen your basic selling skills. You know of course, these selling skills are unable to sharpen themselves.

Go take a Dale Carnegie Course - it's been around a while so it's probably good.

Read a book on basic selling skills or listen to CDs as you drive from account to account in your sales territory.

You really should invest in yourself because if you don't who will?

During these tough economic times when competitors are duking it out and trying to secure commitments from increasingly more demanding customers - it's time to stand tall, face the music, and make sure that you measure up in the basic selling skills department.

I can remind you of things you already know! And since you don't know what you don't know you’re likely to learn some new basic selling skills that will enable you to have a big impact on your new sales prospects and existing customers.

If you've been a reader of this newsletter for a while, you no doubt heard about my Sales Trailblazer Course.

It's been very successful. I like to think of it as basic selling skills on steroids. It's also a home study program - totally at your convenience.

I offered charter memberships at a very reasonable price. Well, there are only 27 charter memberships left.

As soon as the last charter membership is sold I’m going to double the price. Even then, it will still be an extraordinary value – that’s what my customers tell me.

It's hard to succeed alone - put me on your team and I’ll show you how to become a sales trailblazer in your industry.

Let's get to work . . .

Special note to sales managers: why not take the course with your sales team to accelerate the impact and the improved selling results you can expect to achieve?

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