In Sales Being Different
Can Astonish Your Customers

by Jim Meisenheimer

Being different equates to being better, especially if you're in sales.

The difference is you of course.

Let me give you an example. One of the things I dislike doing the most is flying. It would be easy for me to go off on a lengthy sidebar on this subject - but I won't.

The airlines don't know anything about being different, customer service, pricing, and supply and demand. They know how to overbook flights. They do know how to pack 2.5 ounces of peanuts into a hard to open foil pouch. And they are masters at losing luggage.

I had to get that off my chest!

I read an article recently about a United Airlines Pilot, Capt. Denny Flanagan, who knows who customers are and how to treat them. He seldom loses sight of this.

Here's a short list of the little things he does for his passengers and it's his way of differentiating himself from the competition:

  • He takes cell phone pictures of pets that are on his plane. Yeah and he shows these pictures to the pet owners. A very nice touch.
  • He asks the flight attendants to raffle off 10% discount coupons and unopened bottles of wine.
  • He writes notes to everyone in First Class on the back of his business cards.
  • When flights are delayed and diverted - he'll find the nearest McDonald's or snack shop so he can handout some snacks.
  • When he has unaccompanied kids on his flights he'll call the parents from the wild blue yonder with updates - especially when there are delays.
  • According to passengers, he does these same little things on every flight.

Capt. Flanagan is United's one man PR department.

He's doing no-brainer common sense things that make people feel better about their flight and about United Airlines. And he achieves this simply by being different.

Astonishing isn't it?

Now can you imagine if an entire airline committed to this type of customer service what would happen to revenue?

When time permits - give this some thought. Create a list of 6 little things you can do to astonish your customers.

Astonished customers are likely to pay more too. And why not? Being astonished is not an everyday occurrence for me. Is it for you?

If you need help astonishing your customers you'll get some good ideas from my most popular CD titled, "35 Ways To Differentiate Yourself In A Competitive Marketplace."

Do something to astonish your customers today . . .

You'll be able to do even more after you listen to my CD titled, "75 Little Things You Can Do To Grow Your Business And Boost Your Income."

How much is one good selling idea worth - priceless.

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