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In just 2-days you'll learn how
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My Sales Training Boot Camp
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Heck, I'm going to give the first 20
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an early bird special
which means you'll save $400
off the ticket price.

August 22-23, 2012

Dear Sales Professional:

You've probably figured it out by now: "Certain" salespeople always seem to get the breaks and win the sales. They actually make more money too! They're the superstars.

Chances are you haven't achieved that status yet, right?

You're too busy trying to balance your personal and professional life. You're too busy dealing with e-mails and voicemails. You already have too much work on your plate - maybe more than you can handle and it's driving you bananas.

There's not enough time in the day to get everything done. You're dealing with demanding customers who seem overly obsessed with "Price." You mix it up, almost on a daily basis, with competitors who have a low-balling price mentality.

Look, I know how frustrating it can be for you. I hear ya!

But, what if I could change all that for you? What if I could make it better for you.

You already know how other salespeople sell, well here's what I do that's different.

I've been in your shoes. When I was selling I didn't know what what I didn't know. Maybe this describes you too. I worked my way up from sales representative to Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a division of Baxter International.

During the last 23.5years I've been coaching and training salespeople and entrepreneurs. I've worked with 532 corporations and last year 72.7% of my business was repeat business.

Here's what I do: I show sales managers and their salespeople how to start selling more. Nothing fancy about that - just plain and simple. I focus on practical sales ideas that tend to get immediate result for you.

My Sales Training Boot Camps aren't based on textbook theories. You won't be bored to tears. You can participate as much as you want to. The pace is quick and the 2-day Sales Training Boot Camp is very interactive. And that's because most people learn by doing.

There are well-known sales trainers who have their assistants do their training. That's not for me and that's not in your best interest either. With me - you get the real thing.

When I show up at the Sales Training Boot Camp to meet you, I'll bring all my years of experience, all the books and articles I've read, all the books and 512 sales articles I've written, all the coaching I've done and all the corporate sales training programs I've delivered. You get me and all my experiences!

Jim Meisenheimer gets results - that's what my clients say. Here's what Greg Peters said about my 2-day Sales Management program: "I can't eloquently put into words the value that we have received from your coaching and training, but I think $49.5 million speaks loudly!"

During the Sales Training Boot Camp I'll share insider secrets to enable you to grow your business. I know what I'm talking about because I increased my sales 17 consecutive years which included an economic recession. I'll show you how to get results like that too!

You'll take away sales tips, selling techniques, and creative marketing strategies you can use in your sales territory to confound your competition.

Here's what Ralph Taylor had to say about my sales tips on sales proposals: "Our manufacturer's rep agency has used Jim's value structured sales proposals since 1995. It has been one of the key reasons we have increased our sales by $30 million during this time."

Keep reading and you'll see what sales representatives have said about my Sales Training Boot Camps.

Remember, it doesn't take brains to succeed in sales. It takes preparation and practice based on proven selling skills.

See for yourself. There's no risk. Keep reading.

Here's what recent attendees said:
"By noon of day one, I was like a caged animal. I had already been
given so much great information I couldn't wait to get back to work
and put it in to practice."

Robert Hensley

"My time spent here was worth every penny. You gave me the additional tools to excel and the confidence to do it. Thanks."

Ron Molek



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Here's the no nonsense common sense
agenda for my 2-day Sales Training Boot Camp

This 2-day program is solution and outcome based,
which means you'll take away sales tools you can
immediately use to grow your business
and increase your income.


Boot Camp topics include

1. The 12 biggest mistakes salespeople make and how to avoid making them.

2. Seven keys to selling success.

3. Eight ways to out-fox your competition.

4. The iron-clad 3-step Goal Setting Model.

5. Your attitude is everything about everything.

6. Nine tips to save you time and money.

7. New - Buzz Selling - The focus is how to create a buzz for you, your products/services, and your company.

8. Three ways to create a positive and dynamic first impression.

9. How to identify what's hot about your products.

10.The ten best telephone tips.

Well . . . if you love selling, hold onto your hat
because you ain't seen nuthin yet! Keep reading!

11. You will also learn how to employ your ears before you engage your
mouth once you begin using my "12 Best Questions to Ask Customers."

12. Twenty-two ways to avoid sounding pathetic during a sales call.

13. How to turn Gate-keepers into advocates for you.

14. Four ways to listen better.

15. How to quantify the customer's problem in dollars.

16. How to quantify in dollars the value of your products.

17. The two best-ever pricing tips.

Check out #18 if you want to see a dramatic improvement in
all your relationships including business, family and
even your best friends.

18. You'll learn four ways to adapt your selling style to your
buyer's buying style.

19. Fifteen ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.

20. Seventeen ways to make your stand-up presentations stand-out.

21. Once and for all you'll learn how to deal with the price objection.

22. Four ways to add pizzazz to your sales proposals.

23. The art of closing the sale.

24. Bonus - the golden rule of negotiating when you're the buyer.

25. Learn how Marketing 101 strategies can influence sales results.

26. The key to getting more referrals - ask for introductions.

27. Websites you can use to manage your business.

28. Fifteen little things you can do to increase your sales and income.

29. The five best ways to profit from a Boot Camp- including this one.

30. Add your own topic to the agenda! Send me an e-mail with your topic.

You will be amazed at what you learn from this Boot Camp experience. And at the end of the first day, you'll be scratching your head and thinking, "I already got my money's worth."

That's my promise and you can bet the ranch I'll keep it.

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Here's what even more salespeople have to say about my Sales Training Boot Camp

Getting results . . .

I got 56 take aways from the first day of Jim’s sales training boot camp.
Kathy Maclin

I learned more sales and business tools from Jim than I did in four years at a $100,000 private college. Brandon Fox

I was hoping to get a few ‘nuggets’ out of the class. I feel like I hit a gold mine! Eureka! Vanessa Schult

I came to this class with a very closed mind. You captured my attention and held it for 16 hours. Amazing Boot Camp. Thank you very much. Kris Pedersen

I thought I was born to sell. Now thanks to Meisenheimer I am trained to sell, and sell much more. Rob White

If I could get my sales force to use 20% of what Jim presented,
our company's success would be guaranteed. Larry Kessler

The incredible 1% factor will differentiate me from my
competition. Rochelle Kirkland

Your sales tip to qualify the value . . . PRICELESS! J. Morril


New ideas . . .

Thanks to Jim, I got more ideas than Thomas Edison ever had.
Don Johnson

This program is like a supermarket of ideas with a return
on investment on every shelf. Mike Randick

I've never heard so many fabulous ideas come from one
person as I have from Jim Meisenheimer. He was unbelievably
inspirational. Melissa McIntyre

I've been in sales for 15 years and I can't believe the things
I learned today that I can use tomorrow. Mark Goldring

Get your mind set to change your "mindset" with
Jim Meisenheimer. Mike Rouk

I learned more in two days than I did flying by the seat
of my pants for 13 years. Paul Simon

Jim is a sprinkler of information - I left soaked with great
sales ideas. Mike Bohan

Many great ideas presented with contagious enthusiasm.
Jill Hardman

Common sense . . .

Jim is a genius. The presentation is simple and full of
common sense but redirects your selling to where it matters
most - making the sale. Nancy Bartolozzi

Jim helped bring me back out of the dark ages of old bad habits.
Dave Susalski

I can't believe what I have forgotten until I heard it again
from Jim. Eric Schweinefus

Jim was helpful in putting order to the chaos of the
selling process. Erik Wendel

Jim's presentation offers a logical "No-Brainer" approach
to selling techniques.
David Marchand

Nuts and bolts . . .

With 17 years of sales experience this is the best
nuts and bolts sales training I have ever had. Lynn Peterson

After 30 years in sales I finally got the information I need
to be successful. Keith Ness

Thanks for everything. This was the best thing I've ever done
in my 11 years of selling. Jerome Callaghan

My dirt road of sales knowledge is now paved. Curt Fiore

I love your 12 best questions and can't wait to use them.
I'm psyched! Char Winckowski

Jim's presentation was packed with exciting examples and
creative ideas on how to sell. C. Krol

Style and substance . . .

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Mitch Kensord

Awesome. This has been the most exciting and informative
program I have ever had. Dan Mourer

Jim opened my eyes to marketing ideas which I had not
considered before - self marketing. Cregg Askins

I love Jim's passion and enthusiasm. Jay Rogina

What's in it for you - how you benefit?

  • My Sales Training Boot Camp will change how you think and work every day.
  • You'll take away literally dozens of sales tips and techniques you can start using immediately.
  • The module on GOAL setting will add new meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Your self-confidence will sky-rocket.
  • My strategies on differentiation will enable you to run circles around your competition.
  • Plus so much more . . .


And if that's not enough I'll include 3 special bonuses for you.

1. Each attendee will receive my Sales Trailblazer Sales Training Program which includes 24 weekly lessons delivered via email in 2 formats - PDF and MP3 files.

This is a $162.00 value

2. Each attendee will receive an eBook (40 pages) titled,
"No-Brainer Ways To Beat Your Competition At The Pricing Game."

This is a $39.95 value

3. Each participant will also be entitled to a 67% savings
on my special learning tools package called the Jim Meisenheimer
Learning Library. Long after the Boot Camp has ended these learning
tools will provide continuity and essential reinforcement to all key

This is a $941 value

These bonuses add up to a substantial savings for you - $1,142.95. This means your payback is immediate!

Come on . . . you have to admit I'm piling on the value for you.


Should you come to the Boot Camp

It depends. Unless you want your brain to atrophy you have to exercise it.
This Sales Training Boot Camp will keep your synapses snapping. Are you wishing for success or do you have a burning desire to succeed? Are you determined to take your selling skills to the next level?

It is inconceivable that you can spend two days training with me and not see a dramatic improvement in your selling results and your personal income.

Do I guarantee results?

Well, I sure would like to. There are however, too many things I can't control
for me to guarantee results. But here's what I can do for you.

Try-it-on-for-size guarantee:
You can participate the entire first day right up to 5 PM. If you are not
completely satisfied at the end of the first day and let me know by 5:15 PM,
I will return 100% of your Boot Camp registration fee. You can't go out on
a limb with this guarantee.

Keep-the-bonus-stuff guarantee:
If you're not completely satisfied after the first day and request a refund you
can keep the bonuses . FYI - no one has ever asked for a refund which means . . . well - you know what it means. I deliver the goods.

This is a ZERO risk proposition for you.

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Where is the Sales Training Boot Camp

Holiday Inn
Sarasota Lakewood Ranch
6231 Lake Osprey Dr
Sarasota, FL 34240

Telephone: 941-782-4400

FAX: 941-782-4401

A special rate has been arranged for a block of rooms.

Special rates are available until the block of rooms is no longer available.

How much will the Sales Training Boot Camp cost?

The total investment to attend my Sales Training Boot Camp is only $1397 per person. Special note: I'm offering an Early Bird Special Registration for the first 20 (4 still available) people who register.
The Early Bird fee is $997 - you save $400

I don't expect to have any empty seats, so if you want to train with me, please don't wait to sign-up.

Do it today! Right Now!

When you are through changing you are through!

Don't gamble with your future.
Don't gamble with your family's future.

Train with me and I'll show you how to kick it up a notch.

Here's what three more Boot Camp graduates have to say:

After your Boot Camp I became the top sales representative
in my company
. Lee Langford

"I've been tripping over the same obstacles for three
years. Finally, I can hurtle them."
Cristi Quillen

My manager asked me: "Joe do you think the Boot Camp
was worth it?"; I can honestly say yes!! I have broken
personal and company sales records since taking your
Boot Camp and I'm currently closing in on the
top rep in my region and ultimately rep of the year!

Joseph Ferris


How do I register?

Here are four ways you can register today.

1. To register by phone call (800) 266-1268. Call me and I'll personally
answer any questions and take your registration information over the telephone.

2. To register by FAX send to: (941) 907-0441. Just print out the form below
and FAX me the information and I'll handle everything else.

3. To register by e-mail send to: - Send me an
email with all the information you see on the form below and I'll take care of
the rest for you. Note: Be sure you respond to my SPAM filter.

4. To register one sales person use this link.
Go here to register now

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the details - as soon as you register.

If there's anything I can do to help you make your decision call (800) 266-1268.

Come to my 2-day Sales Training Boot Camp and I'll show you how to start selling more today and everyday . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Publisher Start Selling More Newsletter

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Item: Sales Training Boot Camp Investment $1,397 (per person)

Early bird registration fee is $997 - you save $400. Only 4 Early Birds left.

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