Car Sales Training And Closing The Sale

This car sales training article is about "Just one more thing." It's one more thing you can do when all else fails, it's your last chance to close.

When it's just about over and you have nothing left and you still don't know what the real objection is - try this! This is when it's time to use the Columbo routine. You need the objection in order to isolate and deal with it.

So, here's what do you?

I know you have seen the TV show Columbo. He was a master at getting to the bottom of things by saying, "Just one more thing."

Right before he left, he would turn around and say, "Just one more thing." This would allow him to investigate deeper and he always got his man…. or woman.

Just before your sales prospect and you are about to part ways, and shake hands say this, "Just one more thing."

"I'm just curious, is it my company?"

"Is it my company's integrity?"

"Is it my integrity?"

"Or is it something I said?

Do this and you'll most likely uncover the real objection.

You'll need this to close the deal.

Here's an example of what you might hear:

"No, it's not you, I just have bad credit and I don't think I will qualify."

OH, is that all? Then you might say: "You see we have a special department that specializes in credit challenges. In fact, there's a savings program we can get you qualified for that will help with interest rates, let's try it, it can 't hurt."

Then you can close them. Knowing the objection, if they don't buy, is critical if you are going to stand any chance of closing.

Most of the time The Columbo car sales training close will uncover the real objection for you.

Try it! Oh, and by the way, there's just one more thing! This article on closing is an excerpt from the Sales-Class.Net website.

Their sales course is absolutely free.

Check it out by going here.

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