Speaking Of Cell Phones

By Art Sobczak

Speaking of cell phones, I still resist using a cell phone for business sales calls except in unavoidable situations, or to communicate brief messages with people I already have a relationship with.

Call me old school, but to me, the importance of a clear connection with virtually no chance of the call being dropped or having the signal go in and out is of the utmost importance.

Many people have dropped their land lines because they simply use their cell phone. I actually added a landline at my Arizona home - where I have a home office - after going a few months without one during the early stages of owning it.

I do not want any technical issue interfering with the quality of the sales conversation. Plus, if you skimp on your phone line - what is the impression you are forming with the person you are trying to persuade?

If you are in outside sales and regularly needed to take clients in your car, would you own the cheapest thing you can find on four wheels?

Along the same lines (no pun intended) just this week I spoke to business owners who had their phone lines through the Internet (VOIP is the term; I'm not very familiar with it obviously).

I'm sure it works for a lot of people, but in both of these cases our calls were cut right off in the middle, requiring a callback (it happened on a previous conversation with the same guy), and on one call, there was continuous echo as if he were speaking on a speakerphone, even though he was not. He did admit that he hated the system was going to get rid of it.

I know, I know, for those of you on the road, you rely on your cell phone, and perhaps do not want to rack up the ridiculous per-minute charges hotels rob you with.

Here's an alternative that I have used: get a calling card. You can buy them at any convenience store.

The per-minute charges are minimal, you can easily reload them with a credit card, and you make your calls on a landline.


Thanks Art for a terrific article. I have an AT&T calling card. Call 800-426-9614 to get more information.

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