Close! Close! Keep Closing!

by Johnny C.
(Alberta, Canada)

"Closing is the process of helping people make a decision that will benefit them."

That is what we all do for a living. I have been in the direct sales business for many years and have made a large fortune doing so, but I can tell you the first comission I was ever paid was spend on shooters at the bar, I was only 18 yrs old when I entered sales, but that customer is still benefiting from my product, who got the better deal here ? Closing is something you learn, and you learn when to close! When you are starting out if its a good time to close, close!, if its a horrible time to start closing, close! sooner or later you will learn the art of how and when to close, and in the process you will make an astronomical amount of money! It is your job to educate your customers on why your product/service is worth more than they money it will cost them, and why it is something they should do right now. This is a very simplified understanding of what selling is, If you would like more info to specific situations, feel free to email me anytime

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