Closing The Sale

Lesson 4

Closing the sale is made easier when you add value that your prospects/customers can

This is so important. Wham Bam it's very important. Keep reading.

Here is a Meisenheimerism - if you can't quantify the value there is no value. After reading this I hope you have a new definition of
Value in mind. It's got to be in your mind before you can transfer it to the customer's mind.

You're in sales so I'm going to mention this twice.

1. If you must discount, discount the value of something you’re willing
to give away for free, but only after you have assigned a dollar value to it.

2. If you must discount, discount the value of something you are willing
to give away for free, but only after you have assigned a dollar value to it.

For example:

If you sell equipment and include training, technical service/support, training manuals, warrantees, and even some accessories be sure you list these in
your proposal as separate line items with the estimated value for each item.

Add up the value for each item and add these words next to the total - No Charge.

Please note, no one can question the value you place on a service you provide.
Closing the sale and getting your price requires that you add substantial value.

I can't over-emphasize how important what I'd just said is.

Other ways to add value before you attempt closing the sale:

=> Simplify your offer – use high-liters and post it notes to
identify key parts of your proposal.

=> Use odd numbers.

=> Offer dollar discounts not % discounts.

=> Consider adding a personal bio with a family photo in
your proposal. This can create some unbelievable
connections for you with your sales prospect.

Adding value is something most salespeople take for granted.
“Like gee whiz’” the customer has eyes he should be able to
see the value of my products and services.

Sure they have eyes but they won't see the value unless you spell
it out for them.

Don’t make any assumptions about value. To hit a home run you
have to quantify the value so that even a seven year old child can
tell you what something is worth.

When you put a price on your value, it allows you to put that value
into your price.

You have to put the value into your value – plain and simple. Don't
even think about closing the sale until you put the value into your value.

In my book, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" I included
chapter 5 which is "Value Plus Selling - " new ways for you to think
about adding value.

"Value Plus Selling" is how you increase your perceived value to your
customers and sales prospects. It really makes a difference how people
perceive you.

If you don't have a personal business library this is the perfect first book
for you. If you already have a business library it's the perfect compliment
to what you already have.

Hey Jim - I'd like to add your book to my personal library now.


In the next lesson you’ll learn the secret to "Timing your close."

Let's go sell something . . .


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