Closing The Sale

Hello and welcome back to Lesson 5 of
my eCourse, Timing Your Close.

Lesson 5

In the last lesson I shared some tips on how to add value throughout the selling process.

Sooner or later you have to get down to business and secure the commitment.

When you're thinking about closing the sale, your timing is everything.

Here is the secret. The best time to ask for the business is – as early as you can. Let me explain.

There is a selling process.

Let me use a medical analogy. When is the best time for a doctor
to recommend a prescription or a surgical procedure?

In this medical scenario the answer is rather obvious. The best time
for the doctor to recommend a prescription, or if needed, a surgical
procedure is once he's asked all of his questions, completed all of
his testing, and evaluated all the results. When that's done he can
then offer his medical solutions.

It's the same way in sales - sort of. Once you've asked all your
questions, completed your homework, finished your sales presentation,
added significant value - it's time to attempt closing the sale.

In medicine, if you offer medicine and/or surgery before a thorough
examination, you may be liable for medical malpractice.

In sales, if you start talking about your product before your
prospect has completed talking about his current situation
you may be facing selling malpractice.

Having said this however, when in doubt, ask for the business. Just
be sure you know how to do it in a comfortable, confident, and
conversational way.

When you're trying to secure the business, it's no time to be
fumbling, stumbling and mumbling!


In Lesson #6 you’ll learn a simple yet proven way to motivate
procrastinating decision-makers to make decisions.


Let's go sell something . . .


Jim Meisenheimer
Publisher - Start Selling More Newsletter

P.S. - Asking for the business is easy once you understand
exactly what your sales prospect and/or customer needs. And
by now you know the only what to accomplish that is to ask
intelligent questions.

With this resource, you don't have to spend a minute thinking
about it. I've done all the work for you.


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