Cold Call Phone Approach

by Craig Ludwin, Executive Envelope & Printing Solutions, Inc.
(Los Angeles, CA)

For many years, I've been using the following format for cold calling on the telephone:

My Script:

The receptionist answers "Good Morning, ABC Company." I respond, "Good Morning, this is Craig Ludwin with Executive Envelope & Printing Solutions in Los Angeles.

I'd like to speak to the person who purchases your envelopes please. (pause) Who would that be?"

"Joe Jones" is the reply and I am put through to him. "Hello, Joe, this is Craig Ludwin with Executive Envelope & Printing Solutions in Los Angeles,(pause) we've never spoken before".

He will respond in some way, if not go on "Joe, the purpose for my call is . . ."

Here's the point. You tell the buyer you've never spoken to him before, you don't know each other, you put him at ease momentarily.

He's more receptive to hear why you are calling than to make him assume he either knows you or has spoken to you before.

Try it, you may be surprised at the results. BUT, be totally prepared, you must know exactly where you want the conversation to go. You are looking for someone who uses your product or service and is willing to make an appointment with you.

Be direct, to the point and command and show respect!

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