Come Celebrate

Come celebrate with me!

There's a party going on right now and the celebration
will last for just 72 hours.

What I'm celebrating is issue #400 of my Start Selling
More Newsletter.

It's not a big thing for you, but it is for me, because
I invest so much time writing these newsletters. Actually,
when you tally up, it's taken me 200 days to write
these 400 newsletters.

Some recent titles include, Screw But Recession, Selling
what's Different, Selling Machine, Handling The Price
Objection, Best First Impressions, and Selling Value.

If you missed seeing any of these you'll find them at
the sales articles page of my website.

I write these newsletters every week because I'm
dedicated to helping professional salespeople and
entrepreneurs to sell more everyday.

These are not the best of times and I should remind
you nor are they the worst of times.

We have a gyrating stock market, high unemployment,
and an economy that's pretty darn shaky and add to
that some very reluctant customers.

So I got to thinking about the current selling landscape
and my 400th Newsletter, I decided to do something
special. This is something I've never done before and
probably will not do again.

What you see below is a list of 12 e-books. Now I know,
not everyone is familiar with e-books.

Simply stated, and e-book is a PDF file which is sent
to you via e-mail.

There's no postage, no shipping, and no handling
expense for you.

They are easy to download, easy to read, and even
easier to print.

For the next 72 hours you can get these e-books at
half-price. That's right 50% off the regular price.

I'm not nuts but I am happy to pass along some
significant savings to you.

Here's the list of ebooks I'm offering at half-price
only for the next 72 hours.

47 Ways To Sell Smarter - 141 pages
$19.95 / now $9.97

50 More Ways To Sell Smarter - 126 pages
$19.95 / now $9.97

Screw The Recession - 38 pages
$19.97 / now $9.98

No-brainer Pricing Manual - 42 pages
$29.95 / now $14.97

Are You Complete To Compete Manual - 38 pages
$29.95 / now $14.97

3 Secrets To Making More Money In Sales - 34 pages
$24.97 / now $12.48

57 Ways To Take Control Of Your Time And Your Life
- 138 pages
$19.95 / now $9.97

How To Double Your Sales Without Quadrupling Your
Effort - 125 pages
$19.95 / now $9.97

The Science Of Getting Rich - 116 pages
$24.95 / now $12.47

Power Of Concentration - 119 pages
$24.95 / now $12.47

The Ultimate No-Brainer Selling Skills Sales Manual #1
- 139 pages
$29.97 / now $14.98

The Ultimate No-Brainer Selling Skills Sales Manual #2
- 160 pages
$29.97 / now $14.98

Please don't procrastinate - this half-price special
offer is good only for 72 hours.

Here's an even better deal for you. Buy all 12 eBooks
and you'll save 66%. That's right you get the complete
collection (12 eBooks) for only $100 bucks.

Get the entire collection of 12 eBooks here:

These aren't just brain snacks - this collection of
eBooks is gourmet dining for your brain.

Happy days will soon be here again and it will be
sooner for those who are most prepared!

Don't take my word for it . . .

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Favorite Quotes

Winning is a reflex action. If you've been there in
your mind, you'll go there in your body.
Dennis Waitley

clothes don't make the man, but they do make 90% of
what you see of him.

Nothing is so firmly believed, as what we least know.

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Start selling more today and everyday . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

20.5 years . . .

518 customers . . .

72.7% repeat business . . .


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