Customer Service - Hey I'm a Customer
Give Me a Chance to Talk!

Customer service is especially important even when the real estate market is down all across the United States. It's especially soft in Florida, where my home is.

Bernadette, my wife, and I are debating whether to build a new home or do some extensive remodeling in the one we are living in.

If I had to place a bet I'd say we're going to do the remodeling. But that doesn't mean we don't look at new home models. And we did this one week-end.

Remember - it's a soft market down here. But please, it doesn't excuse stupidity and patheticism - I just invented that word!

First things first - appearance still counts! The sales woman's wig made Leslie Stahl's hairstyle look fabulous.

The linen skirt the sales person was wearing looked like she had slept in it - for two weeks.

She greeted us with a warm "Hello" and it went downhill from there.

She didn't ask us our names. This is a customer service no-brainer.

She didn't ask us to sign the sales register. How in the world would there ever be a way to follow-up?

She didn't ask a single question. This eliminates any chance of achieving customer service at any level.

Here's what she told us:

There were many different plans we could choose from in the builders design book.

She told us we can build a new home from these floor plans and save "Lots of thousands of dollars."

She added, "you can take the house and shrink it, expand it, make certain rooms bigger or smaller, change the pool, add wiring or speakers or a waterfall, use a top-of-the-line range, or have my brother-in-law build it for you."

Look - I can't make this stuff up.

She wanted us to look at the one-story version of the house she was showing us. Never mind that I need a second story for my office.

She said we could save $100,000, because this was a "Soft opening," and the price would be going up next week. "Gee" I've never heard that one before.

As we were leaving she said to us, "Be sure to send all of your friends over to see our new model."

I seldom get headaches. But as I left this model my head ached.

I couldn't believe what we just experienced. It was my worst customer service experience in years.

It was a lesson on everything, and I mean everything, you should never do if you're an entrepreneur or a sales professional.

Because she didn't stop talking she didn't start selling.

There is no cure for what this woman has. It goes beyond sales babble!

If she were being paid by the word - she'd be a multi-millionaire.

Well to be sure I can't help her - but there's a chance I can help you.

One simple step to make next year even better than this year for you.

There is nothing more important to you than investing in your personal growth and development and doing what's necessary to sharpen your selling skills.

Whether your goal is to just make your sales plan, exceed your sales plan, or become the superstar of your company and your market place - these learning tools will help you achieve your goals.

Your personality alone, doesn't qualify you as sales professional. But your sales results and sharpened selling skills will.

There's still time for you to become the best you can be!

Visit my website for some extraordinary sales tips and learning tools. It's a small step that can yield big results for you.

And always remember - hey I'm a customer, give me a chance to talk!

That's what customer service is all about.

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