Do You Know What Your Staff Is Doing?

by BB Hainsworth
(Winnipeg, Canada)

Dear Business Owner,

Are you wondering why your business is hurting? Let me share a quick 6 pack of clues of my experience to buy a car charger for my cell phone.

=> Your staff member grunted at me.

=> Your staff member was to busy to hear me because he was talking to a co-worker and laughing.

=> Your staff member then grunted and pointed to the back wall where the car charger I needed was instead of going over and getting it for me.

=> I had to say "pardon me" twice because I couldn't hear him over the loud music.

=> I then got the rolling of the eyes when I asked if I could get my purchase bagged.

=> And lastly. Keep the employees that look like a human pin cushion out of sight of customers!

Nothing against the choice for one to express themselves with piercings but retail may not be the best choice of employment.

Business owner, all the advertising in the world isn’t going to keep your business afloat and flourish, if you haven’t taught points 1 to 5 to your employees.


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Jul 22, 2008
Human Pin Cushion -- so right!!
by: jmoffitt

I totally agree with B.B. about the piercing phenomenon -- those who choose to mutilate their bodies (ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth, etc) need to find a job sitting behind a wall... where the public doesn't have to see them.
I was in a sandwich shop where they make it right in front of you and put on the condiments of your choice-- the young man who was doing the condiments had HUGE ear lobes and something on just about every orifice of his head. It made my stomach turn and I had to look away -- I actually told the one who took my money that I couldn't look at that boy. It fell on deaf ears, probably, but I've been in that shop since that date and haven't seen Mr. Ugly there. WHEW!

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