So - How's Your Elevator Speech

Do you have an elevator speech? Look, every entrepreneur
and professional sales person needs to have one.
Let me explain.

How many times a year are you asked the question, "What
do you do?" I'm sure you hear the question often
especially when you're working and at social gatherings.

When I ask people, "What do you do" I'm amazed at how
few people can articulate crisply, clearly, and concisely
what it is they do.

Last week I joined an organization called Y.E.S. which
stands for Young Entrepreneurs of Sarasota. I knew about
this organization for quite some time and I assumed
"Young" meant under 30.

It wasn't until I read an article in the local paper
which declared young meant anybody under 100 years of
age. So I joined right away.

It was a networking lunch and boy did I meet some
characters. The host of the event asked how many of the
attendees were unemployed and I was surprised to see
about 20% of the hands bolt upward.

I got to talking to a guy and asked him, "What do you do?"

He says, "I sell insurance and I'm just getting started."

I couldn't resist offering some advice. Of course I asked
for his permission to do so.

Look I said everybody who sells insurance says, "I sell
insurance." I suggested, "You need an elevator speech"
and I told him what that was and offered an example.

You could say, "I'm in the protection business. I protect
and insure cars, homes, and commercial properties."

Now if I had more time I probably could make it even better.
He immediately said, "I like it - it sounds different
and professional."

Of course, I already knew that.

There were approximately 100 people at this networking
lunch. After the buffet lunch, the program MC asked for
a show of hands for everybody who was attending for the
first time. About 20 people raised their hands.

He said, "All first-timers will get 10 seconds to say
who you are and what you do." Sounds like an elevator
speech to me.

He just so happened to call on David, my friend the
insurance guy, first.

David says, "I'm in the protection business. I protect
and insure cars, homes, and commercial properties."

The MC gets excited and says that's perfect - that's just
like how we want everyone to introduce themselves.

Across the room, David looks at me and I look at him, and
we both knew he nailed it.

So what do you do?

You shouldn't have to think about the answer to this
question you should know how to respond without thinking
and without blinking.

Think of it as your "Elevator Speech." To be effective
you have to spend a reasonable amount of time preparing
your elevator speech.

Look - if I said to you "Take 20 minutes and describe the
kind of work you do" that would be easy. You would just
start talking, actually just start rambling on about all
the things you do at work.

Ah, but an elevator speech - that's different. This must
be short and sweet. So you'll have to play with the words
until you get it right. You can't do this in 10 minutes.

It’s a must if you want to have a spectacular career in sales.

Last year I held an "Elevator Speech" contest. About three
dozen people sent me their elevator speeches. Most were truly
pathetic and horrible. One person wrote a 1000 word essay.

One person however got it right and he blew me away with what
he sent me. He was the president of a small public-relations
company. Here’s what he sent me.

"Our business is making your business unforgettable." It's
simply brilliant and it's only seven words.

Let this be your model as you design your elevator speech.

Imagine there were four public relations companies competing
to win a large account. Also imagine each company was given
an hour for a presentation to senior management.

I'm sure several companies would come in loaded with PowerPoint

I'm also sure that people listening to the sales presentations
would be overwhelmed with data and information.

I'm also sure that very little of what was said and shown via
PowerPoint would be remembered.

But when the senior management team hears the elevator speech
"Our business is making your business unforgettable" they won't
be able to shake those words from their minds.

It will stick - and that's exactly what you want your elevator
speech to do, "Stick."

Those carefully thought-out words probably will also stick it
to the competition - and that's good too.

Give some thought to preparing, in writing, your own brilliant
elevator speech.

Make your "Elevator Speech" a good one if you want it to stick!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well I hope you agree - that's an excellent sales tip
for you to take to the bank.

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