Excellent Program

I lost my job last week for lack of production in B2b telesales. The problem I faced was getting the 'cheque signer' on the phone, not just the decision maker.

The owners or ceos' of large businesses, hospitals, financial organizations, do rarely every answer a landline phone.

Leaving voice mail messages does not invite a response, and today most businesses are run by voicemail.

I have been a salesman since 11 years of age, sellling newspapers at The Canadian National Exhibition for 3 weeks every year. Then at 13 I worked after school in a local variety store for .75 cents and hour.

I have had many types of employment, and self employment for many years. It is rare that I have been out of a job, and not being able to be a productive contributor to society of a whole.

I recommend your program, I learned many new things and it reinforced the skills and abilities that I have practised most of my life.

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