Expect To Win - Always

Expect to win because expectations are like a two-sided coin. Heads you win, tails you lose.

You can expect the best outcomes or you can expect the worst outcomes.

You can expect to win or expect to lose. It's your choice.

Our lives are loaded with expectations. Our expectations influence us and influence others as well. Let me give you a few examples.


There's an interesting article in the current issue of Forbes Magazine. The title is, "The Nothing Cure." It seems like Ted Kaptchuk, of Harvard University, has helped people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

His cure is nothing more than "fake acupuncture delivered with lots of warm talk from a sympathetic acupuncturist - without using needles." The article cites a trial which included 262 people suffering from severe irritable bowel syndrome. Amazingly - 62% of the people who received the fake treatment got better.

Here's what Kaptchuk says about the results. "Our own will, imagination and belief can modulate the course of illness." Researchers are finding that expectations that a treatment will help, will help produce lasting effects on symptoms of many diseases.

Let's see if I got this right. Simply expecting to feel better after a placebo treatment can actually make you feel better.

Your expectations matter!


My wife and I are members of the Lakewood Ranch Country Club. Bernadette and her friend Alexis entered the women's member member matchplay event. Even though they both have high handicaps they won their matches and made it to the finals - last Saturday.

Three days before the final event Bernadette took a one-hour golf lesson.

I expected her to win. I even wrote her a note which said, "Every day, in every way, your golf game is getting better and better. Go out and play like you've never played before!

Expecting to lose never entered her mind. She expected to win.

And guess what - she did and won the event with Alexis.

Expectations matter! So don't expect to lose!


Did you ever expect to get clobbered on your pricing? Sure, who hasn't?

Then during the sales call, you get clobbered and start thinking, "I knew that was going to happen."

In this case, you can expect to get clobbered on your pricing, or you can expect to get a better price for your product. Two different expectations with two different outcomes.

Expectations are the ultimate equalizer for entrepreneurs and professional salespeople.

Always expect to win with the best outcomes and you won't be disappointed.

Your expectations matter.

Sales Management

Hey - if you're sales manager always expect the best selling results for every one of your salespeople.

Expect your salespeople to win and they will!

Finally, "If your will, imagination and beliefs can modulate the course of an illness," then maybe your expectations can influence the outcome of your next sales call. Just something to think about.

I believe actions follow thoughts. Why have negative thoughts when you can choose to have positive thoughts?

How you think is everything about everything in sales.

Why expect to lose, when you can expect to win?

Always expect the best outcomes for yourself.

Always expect to win!

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