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Free Sales Articles is about the language you use during a sales call.

It's titled the Ultimate Selling Resource.

The ultimate selling resource may not be what you think it is.

Is there anything more powerful than the words you use? In sales, you use words to get appointments, to build rapport, to ask really good questions, to present your products/services, to resolve potential customer concerns and to secure a customer's commitment.

The words you use during a sales call originate from one of two sources. They are either totally improvised or carefully prepared in advance. Both choices may good; one however is always better. Improvisation certainly has its place in sales and so does preparation. Being prepared will always sound better when you're talking with a sales prospect!

Here are several examples of common phrases that are terminally weak. This is a great sales tip especially when you're selling big ticket products.

"In my own mind..."

"I was wondering..."

"I agree with you, but..."

"I'm going to be in your area..."

"Did you get my proposal ... did you have a chance to read it, what do you think?"

Here are more words that I encourage you to avoid.

Discount, price, cost, and the word but. One of the reasons, salespeople get beat up on the pricing issue is because you talk about it so much. Try going an entire day without saying these words. A really good alternative, if appropriate, is the word investment.

Here is another selling tip for you. Whenever you respond to the infamous customer question, "how much does it cost," respond with the number only. For example, instead of saying $2900 (dollars) simply say “2900,” it sounds smaller.

An even better response to that question is "it depends." Usually, after hearing “it depends” your customers will ask "it depends on what?" You are now in a position to tell your customers “it depends” on what other products they’re buying, their answers to a few questions, or anything else you would like to say “it depends” on.

Street-smart salespeople use these words to sound more professional.

Which means
It enables
Return on investment

More than anything else, the words you use in front of a customer signal amateur or professional.

Choose your words carefully.

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