Good News Every Time!

(Lee's Summit, MO)

Whenever I submit a proposal and pricing via E-mail (quicker than traditional snail mail), I make sure the customer has "good news every time".

Upon obtaining the green light on pricing from my management team, I increase the pricing a couple percent (depends on the magnitude of the account).

I attach the proposal file and click "SEND". I always ask for confirmation of receipt of the e-mail. Once I hear back from the customer or am sure he has received the message, I remove the increase and provide a number ending with the ever-so-powerful "7" digit.

Along with the adjusted proposal pricing, I add comments like... "As I continue to scrutinize any and all costs associated with Our proposal to you and your Team, I found an item we were not as aggressive with as we could be."

I, then, quantify the dollar amount of adjustment over as large a time period that makes sense and share the this as another benefit our firm is delivering.

I have found by providing an early concession with pricing - with language suggesting I am actually sqeezing blood from the proverbial turnip - I position myself with credibility as we transition into the negotiation stage.

The client tends to stick to negotiating concessions with terms rather than pricing since it is perceived he/she has already received my best foot forward.

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