Grand Sales Tips For Grim Times

Grand sales tips for grim times. Did that get your
attention? Well, I hope it did.

One of the toughest challenges for anyone in sales
today is grabbing attention.

You're dealing with Blackberries, iPhone's, multitasking,
interruptions, and an endless supply of distractions.

We all feel sorry for people who lose their jobs, and
we probably should feel even sorrier for those who
didn't lose their jobs and now have twice as much work
to get done everyday. Try getting their attention.

Getting someone to pay attention is a big challenge.
It's never been easy and today it's borderline impossible.

Look, if you're in sales I have a couple of ideas I'd
like to share with you - let's call them grand sales tips.

First let me be absolutely clear. These are not grand
sales tips you can use every selling day.

But you can use these to differentiate yourself when
you're dealing with either big prospects and or big

You know what I mean - really big deals!

These grand sales tips I'm about to share with you will
not go over big with everyone. In fact some of you
will be quick to dismiss them.

Stand your ground. Don't dare to be different, don't
dare to experiment. Just say it won't work in Timbuktu.

Remember - what I'm about to suggest is designed
to grab a person's attention.

Plain and simple - significant attention for a
significant person
. And yes you'll have to invest
a few bucks.

Let me explain. Have you ever dealt with a
potential sales prospect or a high potential
customer who just refuses to return your telephone
calls? It's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened
to you.

It's frustrating, terribly frustrating. You keep
waiting for the telephone to ring and it doesn't.
You can't force this person to return your call,
but you can make him want to return your call.

Here's how to do it. Send him a foot wide and 16
inch high cup and saucer. Fill the cup with packets
of Starbucks coffee and include a note that says,
"Let's talk business over a cup of coffee." Be sure
to include the best times to reach you.

Now the law of reciprocity will take over. This
gigantic cup and saucer grabs attention and
should result in a callback.

Use this link to check it out:

Here's another situation. You have been working
for months with a high potential sales prospect
and an extremely large dollar order. Things are
going well and are looking good for you.

But you do have competition and it's stiff
competition. Your sales prospect has requested a
formal sales proposal. You even listened to
Jim Meisenheimer's CD titled "Five Secrets to
preparing winning proposals that will suck the
wind out of your competitor's sail."

You're determined to do something else. Something
that will give you an edge when the sales proposals
are being evaluated.

Remember - this is all about grabbing attention
and setting yourself apart from your competition.

Try this. Send a huge 6 foot wooden ruler along
with your sales proposal with a note that says,
"Our customers tell us we measure up. Give us a
chance to measure up to your expectations."

The 6 foot ruler is a gift that keeps on giving.
Imagine people spotting the ruler in your sales
prospect's office. And saying things like, "What's
this?" And "Who sent you this?" And "What's with
the ruler?"

The ruler is actually big enough to make a small
difference and maybe that's all you need to get
the order.

Use this link to check it out:

Don't think small during these grim times, obviously
you should be thinking big.

Being ordinary doesn't win many sales.

Being extraordinary does!

Use these grand sales tips to deal with these grim
times especially if you want to grab someone's attention.

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