Handling The Price Objection

Handling the price objection, easy to say and so hard to do. If you can lick a stamp - you can lick your competitive pricing problems, once and for all.

This Ebook, "No-brainer Ways To Beat Your Competition At The Pricing Game,"will show you the best strategies to beat your competition at the pricing game - and how to do it more profitably.

There are three main sections to this e-book. The first part is devoted to 35 ways you can differentiate yourself from your competition. It's all about how to stand-out instead of blending in with your competition.

The second section reveals the secrets to selling practically anything at full list price. You'll learn how to "Explain your value, instead of defending your price."

Here's what one client said . . .

I think you and I have been working together for about 3 years. Here are some facts. In three years our sales are up 98.6%, profit numbers exceed Exxon's 8%.

Lisa closed an order today using what you taught us worth $150,000 and we were the highest price. Michael closed an order 3 weeks ago for $825,000, again we had the highest price.

Our backlog of orders hit a record breaking number today. Our goal is to close the orders and have the highest price.

We do it day after day.

Tom King, Jr.

President ThermoFab

The last section will thoroughly explain the art of closing the sale. It's amazing how many salespeople cringe at the thought of having to ask for the order. And the reason is quite simple, they just don't know how to do it.

You will after reading this very popular and profitable Ebook.

Don't wait! It's time to get a better price for your products and services!

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