Heard On The Street

Here's what I heard on the street - it's what three subscribers had to say last week.

Read carefully - there's a few good nuggets here you
might be able to use in your business.

Frank DiSano writes . . . "I enjoyed your "doing
something different" message and thought I would share
a story with you.

We were entertaining a customer one evening. The
conversation was polite, superficial and business
discussions were guarded.

Through Dale Carnegie Training I learned to pay attention
to what is referred to as the flashing light, the
subject that lights a person up.

The customer spoke about his weekly commute to his home
on the ocean and how his dog was his traveling companion.

When he mentioned his dog he showed just a hint of light
in his eyes.

When there was a lull in the conversation I asked him
about his dog and his eyes shined again.

Now for the different part, I pulled out my cell phone
and showed him some photos of my dog. Then out came his
cell phone and he showed me photos of his dog.

The conversation changed - it was no longer superficial
and the business discussions were no longer guarded.

The relationship transformed from a Customer dictating
to a Supplier to a real partnership that achieved

In the end, our company was publicly recognized by his
company for helping them not only to achieve their goals
but helping them to exceed them.

Watch for the flashing light and take the chance to
be different.

Here's more of what I heard on the street.
Jack Mayhew writes . . . Jim thanks for the email. I
need to share this with you. I travel a major DC
commuter route daily and the area within the city is
usually lined with panhandlers.

However one sticks out and gets most of the change.

He is a short fellow with a cardboard sign that starts
at his neck and ends at his shoes and on it he has
written, "I won't lie to you, I just want a beer."
That’s honest simplicity and the ultimate sophistication
at it's best.

Still more of what I heard on the street.
Griff Neighbors writes . . . I've been working on an
order that involves a large manufacturer of medical

Preparing for one of the sales calls, I printed benefits
and prepared my written call objectives.

The customer could use an existing supplier with current

Or they could use an evolutionary process with new
materials and processing technology. Both had to be
cleaned after use by nursing staff.

So I asked: "When you rub your finger on a Windex
window, what do you hear? Squeaky clean is something
everyone knows, you feel it and hear it even if you
can not see it."

Our competitor had nice tactile feel, but it would
not feel squeaky clean like our overlay.

Later, at lunch, the team manager looked up and said
to no one in particular, "Windex Clean" then continued

We won the business.

Thanks gentlemen, for sharing your observations on why
it pays to be different.

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