Heavens To Murgatroyd

Heavens to murgatroyd - it ain't easy selling in a recession.
It's no secret these are very challenging times
to say the least.

I feel as though I've been fortunate and insulated
from it all.

That all changed last week when I got two e-mails that
really got my attention as to how serious and
challenging these times are for so many people.

For most people, the only time you start thinking
about the unemployed is when you become one of them.

Heavens to murgatroyd!

People are losing their jobs at the rate of 600,000 +
a month.

Everybody knows someone who's out of work. For me, it's
my brother-in-law Danny. I say a prayer every night that
he finds a good job and fast - so he doesn't have to
move in with us.

These challenging times are affecting people in different

Some people are being pounded by this unfortunate and
untimely recession.

Here's what one client said just last week: "In January
it looked like we were heading toward a spectacular year
and then we ran off the cliff. I think fear is driving
this recession. Our customers are reluctant to spend
any money."

It's probably going to get worse before it gets better.

Just remember - your business is not selling products
it's providing solutions. When times are tough and
budgets are tight you have to offer the best solutions
loaded with added value.

Let me sugarcoat this for you. It's a war and you're in
it. It's truly the survival of the fittest during these
tough times.

If you're not in shape - get in shape, both mentally
and physically.

Just showing up won't get you anything. While winning
will get you everything.

The best will be rewarded with the most.

The mediocre will be rewarded with table scraps and
you'll no doubt have to fight even for those.

Last week I got an e-mail from one of my newsletter

He said, "I've been in sales for over 15 years and I
find myself in the worst rut both mentally and physically
during this past year. If you have any other words of
wisdom for me, I could sure use them."

Heavens to murgatroyd!

I've got lots of words of wisdom. I've been through
recessions before and I've survived and thrived.

If I can do it, you can do it!

You can create opportunity out of adversity. Sure it's
easy to say and hard to do - but that's what tough
minded people are doing today and so can you!

))) You can set lofty goals and work feverishly and
relentlessly to achieve them.

))) You can throttle your expectations to a more positive
and higher level.

))) You can add so much value that you make every offer
to every sales prospect and customer irresistible.

))) You can read inspirational articles and books.

))) You can listen to motivational and educational CDs.

))) You can hire a coach to help you get to the next
level because you probably won't get there by yourself.

))) You can believe you are unstoppable.

))) You can believe, I mean truly believe, that your
products and services are the ultimate solutions for
your customer's problems.

))) You can care so much about your customers that they
view you as an extremely valuable and unpaid staff member.

I've learned there's a lot of truth to the following:

1. Don't ever put all your eggs in one financial basket.

2. Spend 90% of what you earn and save the rest over
your lifetime.

3. Do what you love doing not what you hate doing because
there's a big paycheck.

4. People who love their work seldom think of retiring.

5. It's never too late to dream big.

As bad as it is here in the United States, you'd be
hard-pressed to find a better place to live.

Shed your complacency baggage and swap it for a laser
like focus on your work and getting results.

You can say "Yes I Can" 127 times a day.

Or you can rise and shine to the drumbeat of . . .

Heavens to Murgatroyd . . .

We're in a recession . . .

Batten down the hatches . . .

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