About Jim Meisenheimer

Jim Meisenheimer is a former U.S. army officer serving in Germany and was a Public Information Officer on a General’s Staff while serving in Vietnam and was awarded The Bronze Star Medal.

I have been a professional speaker and sales trainer for 26.5 years.

My first job was a good one but it only lasted for 12 months. It was during a recession and even though I was the last to be let go, it was a bitter pill for me to swallow.

I decided to look for a sales job and landed one with the Rand McNally publishing company. During the next three years I had two more sales positions. And then it felt like somebody had slugged me with a 2 x 4.

I made a decision to join a major corporation, American Hospital Supply, and worked my way up the corporate ladder. And to do this I took an 80% pay cut. For me it was the right thing to do. All it took was a little courage. Okay – maybe a lot of courage.

I worked there for 13 years, 13 really good years surrounded by extraordinary people. I can honestly say this is where I learned the art of selling. During these years I had the following jobs: sales representative, regional sales manager, marketing manager, director of marketing, vice president of sales, vice president of marketing, and then became vice president of sales and marketing.

You know I really enjoyed those years working with American Hospital supply Corporation.

But I wanted and needed to do something else.

I had a burning desire to start my own company - a sales training company. That’s how Jim Meisenheimer, Inc. was born.

During these 26.5 years as a professional speaker and sales trainer I’ve been very fortunate to work with 542 different corporations.  

I like to think of myself as a sales strategist. I show sales managers and their salespeople how to increase sales, earn more money, have more fun, and how to do it all in less time. My focus has always been practical ideas that get immediate results.

I’ve authored 13 sales books and created 27 CDs dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and professional salespeople improve their selling results.

Jim Meisenheimer Training Programs

Jim Meisenheimer created the Sales Trailblazer Sales Training Program which provides sales tips and proven selling strategies in 24 lessons spread over 24 weeks.

And, I show them how to become Sales Trailblazers within their own companies. 

He also created the Effective Sales Management Training Program which provides new and experienced sales managers sales management tips and proven sales management skills in 24 lessons spread over 24 weeks

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been nominated to the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame four time times.

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