Leave People Feeling Good

Don't tailgate because it annoys the crap out of some
people and doesn't make them feel good.

Don't do any texting while you're driving because you
could end up killing someone - including yourself - not
a good idea.

For Pete's sake use your directional signals when making
turns. It's just plain rude and inconsiderate of other
people. And it doesn't make anyone feel good about you.

Leave cyclists feeling good by giving them some extra
space on the roadways.

Long before cell phones became popular, you could always
find a public telephone near the bathrooms away from the
dining area. Take a guess why restaurants didn't place these
phones in the middle of the restaurants. Don't be a rude
dude - take your cell phone out of the main dining area.

Smile as you're talking with people. Most people like people
who are smiling - it makes them feel good.

Ask questions to show you're interested in the other person.

Every time someone helps you, go out of your way to say a
sincere, "Thank you." Tell them specifically what you appreciated.
It's high touch in the high tech world we live in. Always makes
people feel good.

Form the habit of writing handwritten thank you notes - it won't
get deleted like your emails will, and it makes people feel good.
Use a fountain pen with blue ink for best results.

Avoid double dipping. People who know better, don't feel good
when you take your shrimp and dip it into cocktail sauce and then
take a bite. And then dip the rest of your shrimp back into the
sauce. Makes me want to scream GERMS!

Avoid over-using the word "I" in your letters and emails.
the word "You" as often as possible.

Mario Andretti says you should seize the opportunity and
step up - it's up to you to earn the business. And when
you do earn it, everyone will feel good.

Everyone has a FAX machine and few people ever use it.
When you walk by your FAX machine and see some paper
face down - makes your curious to see what it is. Write
your FAX so it makes people feeling good.

Start your own Philanthropic Foundation and write checks
to people in need - that will certainly make them feel good.

The check doesn't have to be big to make someone feel good.

Every once in a while leave a 50% tip in a restaurant when
you experience exceptional service - that will make your
server feel very good.

When you read an exceptional book, buy a few extra copies,
autograph and date them and give copies to family, friends,
and customers.

Don't treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat people
the way they want to be treated - they'll feel good about you.

If you're going to be late for a meeting, even just 2 minutes,
call to say you're going to be late. It shows respect and makes
people feel good about you.

Deliver the WOW experience every chance you get.

Go buy 6 "Oscar" statuettes and give them to people who go out
of their way for you. Everyone wants an "Oscar." It's a memorable
way to recognize somebody. They'll never forget who gave it to them!

Offer two compliments every day. Keep looking until your can
compliment two people for two different things - now everyone is
feeling good.

Don't overlook your spouse. He / she doesn't live your life but
he / she is a huge part of it. Surprise your spouse with surprises.
It will make him / her feeling good - for long time.

Don't ignore your pets. A little extra attention will make them
feel good too!

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