Four More Sales Tips You Can Use
To Increase Sales And Make More Money

And here are four more sales tips that all entrepresurs and salespeople can use. Try them - you'll like them because they work!

Sales tip # 1

What do you do? Can you answer this simple question without thinking and without blinking?

How many times have you heard this question?

How many times have you ever introduced yourself to a new sales prospect by telling them who you are and what you do?

Imagine you have 15 seconds to tell someone what you do. Could you do it? Could you do it without thinking about it? Could you do it without saying any "Ah's" and "Um's?"

Telling someone what you do is like the opening kickoff in a NFL game. It literally gets the ball rolling.

I've asked thousands of entrepreneurs and professional salespeople, during my sales training programs, "What do you do," and most of what I hear makes me "Itch." Things like :

"I'm in sales."

"I'm a problem-solver."

"I'm a sales consultant."

"I sell (Insert name of product).

Blah, Blah, Blah!

It's been called an "Elevator speech" and also a "Bar stool test." Doesn't matter what you call it. What matters most is your choice of words and the impact it creates.

You've got 26 letters in the alphabet and a lot of choices. Remember you won't have to chase business, once you learn how to attract it.

"So what exactly do you do?"

Keep reading for three more sales tips.

Sales tip # 2

Tip number two of the four more sales tips included on this website is a powerful one.

You will definitely increase your probability of success during every sales calls the more times you use the words "You" or "Your."

I learned this from Frank Bettger and Dale Carnegie.

Several people sent me examples of their elevator speech from the sales tips in last week's letter.

One gent started with "I" and ended with "Me."

Hey it's not about you. it's about them - THE CUSTOMER!

Your elevator speech should include a customer benefit. You can't do this on the run. You'll need some quiet-time.

And be sure you use "You" and "Your."

Keep reading for two more sales tips.

Sales tip # 3

Every selling year has a fourth quarter.

I'm writing this during the fourth quarter and realize you may not be reading it in the same quarter. Put a note on your calendar to review my four more selling tips in October.

Are you ready for the 4th-quarter? Are you getting ready for the 4th-quarter? What are you waiting for?

Here's a no-brainer 4th-quarter idea for you.

Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish during the 4th-quarter.

Make a list of all the people (Customers and sales prospects) you want to call during the 4th-quarter.

The next step is to prioritize both lists.

The next step is to plug in a "To do" date for every numbered priority on your lists.

The next step is to put these dates on your electronic calendar.

Do it this way and you'll get more things done. Not doing it this way . . . well that will probably lead to big time procrastination.

Your choice.

This CD will help you make your 4th-quarter numbers, "How To Achieve Spectacular Results In The 4th Quarter."

Here's one more sales tip for you.

Sales tip # 4

I was reminded of this the other day.

People love to buy, buy they hate to be sold. Don't you feel this way?

As you drive from account to account and make your sales calls - remember you're calling on living, breathing human beings.

Take an interest in them and they'll likely take an interest in you.

The single best way to show your interest in another human being is to ask good questions.

As you know I spend a lot of time with professional salespeople and it never ceases to amaze me how weak most salespeople are when it comes to asking questions.

It's ironic that most salespeople are comfortable with the questions they're asking - because they always ask the questions out of habit, not because of stellar results.

I can help any sales person ask better questions. It's all in my book "The 12 Best Questions to Ask Customers." I have 21,299 subscribers to this newsletter which means 11,949 subscribers have taken a pass on getting this book.

If I had to pin my success during the last 19.5 years on one thing and only one thing, I would say, I am where I am today because of the questions I ask when talking with my prospects and customers.

If you're not having the best sales year of your career, it could be you're not asking the right questions. Heck - it could also mean your competitors have read my book and are asking better questions than you are. Scary thought!

You can help your customers buy your products / services as soon as you start asking better questions.

The "12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" book is available as an eBook or paperback.

That's a wrap - four more sales tips you can use to attract more profitable business in your sales territory.

The more sales tips you use the more you'll outfox your competition.


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