My Fight Against Travelodge

by Charlotte Castle
(Huddersfield, England)

Now, this ended up being a little embarassing, as I muddled up American Travel Lodge, with the UK version, Travelodge (I'm British), but it still had the desired effect. Please see my email to them below:

From: Charlotte Castle

Sent: 18 June 2008 14:13

To: ''

Cc: 'betsy.o''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''

Subject: Error on booking - require refund.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have just been given this email address by someone on your telephone switchboard.

Last Monday, I booked a room for one of our trainers with you. As I book rooms with you quite frequently, I was not paying full attention and managed to not only book him into Bedford (when he was in fact going to Bromley) but failed to change the date box from that days date to the Wednesday when he was actually going to need the room. It will not surprise you that I am blonde.

I realized, my admittedly idiotic mistake, the second the confirmation email came through. However, I had taken out the £1 insurance and was therefore confident that this would not be a problem.

I instantly tried to cancel. However, because of my error with the date, and because I had undertaken this small task in the afternoon, the website would not allow me to rectify the mistake.

After much searching I managed to find a telephone number for you, and rang, again within minutes of making the original error. A bored sounding telephonist told me that I would have to ring the insurers to get my money back.

I was given a number. I rang it. An outrageously rude barrow boy informed me that I should have read the contract and that there would be no chance of a refund.

I patiently tried to explain that this was not a cancellation, but an error and that an alternative date was going to be booked, but the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) would not help.

I was given another number. I rang it. I was told (this time by an understanding antipodean) that a note of my anguish had been made and that someone would call me in the next two days. He seemed to understand that I was particularly concerned as the card that had been used was a company card, and that if Travelodge did not refund the money for the booking made in error, this money would be taken from my wage.

So, I wait for the call. I am still waiting.

I went onto your website and filled in a form to send to your customer services team. Admittedly, you have a disclaimer, warning that you will not respond for 10 days.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this rather flys in the face of calling your department "Customer Service." "Customer We'll Deal With You When We Get Round To It" would be a more apt title.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, my plea for help fell on deaf ears, and I have received no response.

So, today I rang you again. This time, another antipodean, bares the brunt of my diatribe and gives me this email address. I note he felt incapable of apologizing on behalf of Travelodge for the appalling customer "service" I have received, but he was at least polite and able to pass me on yet again.

So, here we are. You will note, that I have copied this email to the following persons:

Betsy O Rourke, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications Wyndham Worldwide Christine Da Silva Director Media Relations Wyndham Worldwide
Evy Apostalotos Director, Media Relations Wyndham Hotels & Resorts The Sun Newspaper The Lonely Planet Guide The Daily Mail

Whilst the 15 minutes it has taken to write this desperate attempt for recognition is probably wasted, and doubtless my hard typed prose are headed straight for the "one day" pile, if any of you there have a modicum of interest in the plight of your customers or recognize the frustrations of a fellow human being, you might perhaps, pick up the phone and call me on 01484 714076 to FINALLY SORT THIS OUT.

My breath, is truly bated.

Charlotte Castle.

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Jan 27, 2013
Accidental booking cancellation NEW
by: numbnuts47

I recently had a case where I had cancelled a Saver booking in error due to difficulty in getting Ryanair flights. However after several phone calls/E-mails, I finally wrote a very courteous letter to their Thame> I got an E-mail back several days later stating the booking had been reinstated.
I know only too well just how difficult it is to make contact with Travelodge by what ever means, but........................
In my case persistency won the order of the day, so don't give up!!

Dec 28, 2012
Travelodge customer service, very bad. NEW
by: Anonymous

Similar story, promised refund Evoucher, recieved it ,it did not work. Absoloute nightmare getting to that stage. Passed from pillar to post 8 phone calls. Live chat customer service shuts in the Evening, thats it .

Oct 25, 2011
cannot get a refund
by: joyce jones

booked a room,with cacellation insurance£1 50paid when booked when dates changed due to events beyond our control i cacelled within a few hours and had a email back saying i had a full refund within 10 days 4 weeks later and far to many e mails and phone calls later nothing!you cannot get through to anyone!will never use these rip off merchants again they are the pits. we did have to book a room with them and it was so bad we slept on top of the bed and did not use the toilet it was so dirty and left as soon as we could it was a nightmare

Jul 16, 2010
2 months + still waiting!
by: Cassie

i have been waging the war with travelodge for 2 months now, all because of 'beth' the incompetent telephonist, had she amended the booking while i was on the phone (when i realised my error) i would not have gone through and continue to go theough all this!
there is no direct way of dealing with travelodge, why is it that if you phone, they send you from post to post? if you try to email them, their system is down? customer services tell you that you need to contact the 'hotel' itself?!
so after contacting the 'hotel' why is it that im asked why im phoning when i have already had my refund? i asked if he was kidding, he didnt see the irony!
any information on who i can contact to get my refund would be sooo greatful!

Jan 22, 2010
and the war begins
by: ray jolliffe 07940135653

I am about to
go into battle along the same lines with travelodge,and am now trying to find out if any real people exist within the customer services department,or am i to be put on the never ending convayer belt of pointless promeses and lies wish me luck ray

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