Never give up

by Irene Daniels Odom
(Mobile, Alabama)

Alright. You have your space, you've taken the time to learn what you need to know. You know what to say.

You know how important it is to listen to the client or would be customer/recruit.So you make a few calls, get discouraged. Then you decide you need a new strategy. A new script.


You can't let the negatives get to you. You can't just give up, or chalk it up to the economy, or whatever. People are out there that care and need what you offer and the products/services you offer.

Make a short list of your goals, the reasons you want to do better. You want a better quality of life, more time with family, get rid of debt, a dream vacation, a better home, a better future; your objective.

Write it down where you can see it and read it often.

You can't give up. Retreat and regroup. Sometimes you have to repeat a person's objections just so they can hear for themselves how dumb it sounded.

If you usually work at what your doing for a certain amount of time, start adding 30 minutes to it. Call it your "POWER HALF HOUR."

This is where the best of you is called in because you have what it takes when the going gets tough.

You can do it!

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