Night Time Robbery

by Anne Weaver

Because of bad weather in December 2010 I opted to book a room in Travelodge, Stirling Services rather than try to complete my journey overnight.

I was travelling as a single person with a very small dog (weight 2.5 kg.) As Travelodge do not appear to do single room accommodation, I was given a family room the cost of which was £55.

I appreciate that I was using a double bed and would have not balked at paying a double rate but for one person to pay the family rate is ridiculous.

However, my greatest complaint is that I had to pay £20 for the pint sized dog who came in his own cage and did not use any of the meagre facilities.

How difficult would it be for Travelodge to operate a refundable deposit system or would that be too customer friendly? Trying to contact customer services (now there's an oxymoron!)or anyone in the organization has proved to be impossible as the many supposed web sites are not available so I can only vent my spleen on this page which is probably a waste of time as I doubt anyone in Travelodge organisation will take the time or trouble to read it!!

Suffice to say i will never use them again and I certainly will not recommend Travelodge to anyone. I think perhaps the BBC program "Rip Off Britain" could feature Travelodge on one of their shows!!

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