"Nightmare With Adobe Acrobat Upgrades"

by J.D. Shields
(San Diego CA & Sydney NSW, Australia)

Well, not being too savvy on the computer myself, recently we bought some used computers from a friend's company. They were upgrading and the computers available were only two years old.

The problems began for me when I went to use the Acrobat PDF Reader. The first document I pulled up to read, the computer asked me if I wanted to upgrade the Acrobat Reader to the most recent version.

At that time I was not at all interested so I opted out from the upgrade.

The problems became very clear when I went to write a document with the Acrobat PDF Writer. Then I found out that the Acrobat was version 5.0.

And the most recent upgrade was version 9.0. Well, I thought what do I know about upgrades ... hell, lets upgrade it to 9.0!

Then after going to the Adobe website jumping through all sorts of hoops and paying $99 to "upgrade" to the 9.0 version they tell me that the product isn't available now and I will receive an email in two weeks for the product download.

I don't about you but that's not the best way to find out that I won't have the upgraded Acrobat PDF Writer right now.

So, I wait and ten days later the email comes with the link to the Adobe Acrobat Standard Upgrade version 9.0. I immediately go to install it and when I get to the point of inputting the serial number I realize that version 9.0 is NOT compatible with version 5.0 on my computer. UGH!

I get on the phone and call Adobe to get help either to install this "upgrade" correctly or get a refund to my credit card(since they already have my cash!).

In my experience besides Microsoft, Adobe has the worst customer service. Why would I "dis" this supposedly great company?

Well, when I got on the phone with the service reps(who were in India! They might speak english but they can't hide their native accents) and that became a tug of war with words.

They repeated EVERYTHING VERBATIM I SAID! Like that would make it understandable to me ... or to them? I have no idea.

None of the "service reps" had a clue of how to remedy the problem. The third service rep I spoke to transferred me to the tech department who then proceeded to tell me I could NOT upgrade from 5.0 to 9.0 standard. (Don't you think that should be on the webpage where I bought the "version 9.0 standard upgrade?" Well, it wasn't.)

After one person couldn't help me I was transferred to another and I had to start all over again. Explaining the problem I had again.
This went on and on through four people before I finally hung up the phone frustrated.

The last female service rep I spoke to wanted me to download a form called a "LOD" (Letter of Destruction).

This "LOD" form was only downloadable in pdf format at the Adobe website. What I failed to tell you before is that when I attempted to install the "upgrade version 9.0 standard" it killed my 5.0 Acrobat Reader, so I could NOT even download the "LOD" form to get my refund!

In the end I had to uninstall the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0, the new "upgrade" version 9.0 standard and then search the internet for a version 7.0 to upgrade my Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Finally I can download the "LOD" form from the Adobe website.

The next day I get a reminder email from Adobe Customer Service that my 30-days is about to expire tomorrow(15th of July) even though I didn't receive the email with the product link until the 24th of June... Boy, I should get in this racket, this is easy money for somebody.

Anyway, I fill out the "LOD" form and send it in an email(after having my secretary scan the completed document into another PDF) And the response I get is automated.

No response actually comes the next day(Monday) so I send the email again. And here's the response I got:


Hello J.D.,

Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service.

I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

J.D., with regard to your request for a refund, we have received your Letter of Software Destruction (LOD), and are able to view and print the form that you have attached to this e-mail.

Your refund will now be reviewed. Once approved, your refund will appear on your statement within 1-2 billing cycles.

The information provided is documented in the Case Number 201XXXXXX.

Note: This email is only informing you that we have received the requested documentation. We are not indicating that your Letter of Software Destruction form is valid, until the appropriate department has verified it.

You will be contacted by email, if your Letter of Software Destruction is not valid.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

For your records, your customer ID number is
16%&^$. The customer ID number is the easiest way for us to access your account in our database. In future, please provide this number when you contact Adobe.

J.D., the Web Support Portal Representatives are available from Monday to Friday. For your convenience, on weekends we have a dedicated phone support for Customer Service related queries.

Please feel free to contact our phone support at 1 (800) 833-6687 from 6:00am-8:00pm PT, 7 days a week.

We assure you of our best services at all times.

Best Regards,

Sandy C.
Adobe Customer Service

This is not a company that should have software on nearly every computer.

All this for a $99 refund. They treat their customers like criminals "Letter of Destruction".

I told them that I didn't have nay use for the software and can't upgarde with it but they now want me to wait one to two billing cycles of my credit card to get my refund. What a scam! That's what the government calls taxation. A free loan until you fill out a form to have them return what was yours to start with.

J.D. Shields,
San Diego CA and Sydney NSW, Australia

P.S. NOT one service rep suggested that I use the upgarde to upgrade to 6.0. The fact is that no where on the Adobe website could you even find the other versions they have made available. I had to find the 7.0 version on a third party website.

I'm now looking for an good alternative PDF Writer/Reader.

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