In Sales Nothing Is Impossible

In sales nothing is impossible. I am always looking for noteworthy selling success stories. Usually, I find these in newspaper and magazine articles.

This one, the one I'm about to share with you landed in my e-mail Inbox.

One of my newsletter subscribers, Greg Bradshaw, sent me an e-mail about his father, Max who is an extraordinary sales professional.

Greg's father, now 78, sold cookware for Rena Ware, a very prestigious cookware company. At the time they employed over 13,000 sales representatives.

The Rena Ware Company had a Consistency Club. To get into the Consistency Club you have to sell 4 sets of cookware in a week.

Max heard about a sales rep who had sold 4 units for 12 consecutive weeks. At the time he wondered how in the world had he accomplished this?

Two more sales reps achieved the 12 week record, but then quit.

Max decided to beat the 12 week goal and he did it. He said it was "A real sales challenge."

Once he got there, he decided there was no reason to stop and he also decided to continue in the Consistency Club for the rest of his career.

This is remarkable. He stayed in the Consistency Club for more than 17 years.

Greg sent me a clipping about his father and the 4-unit Consistency Club. In the article it showed Max with 833 weeks. In second place the sales rep had 309 weeks.

So how did Max do it? How did he achieve this remarkable consistency and selling success?

In a way it was fairly easy. He truly believed in sales nothing is impossible. You see, what he did, is something every sales professional can do.

All he did was establish a goal. His goal was to be in the 4-unit Consistency Club every week for the rest of his career.

Before he went on vacation he would sell eight units in order to maintain his Consistency Club status.

So here's what Max thinks about goal setting. "I stayed in the Consistency Club over 17 years. Doing so, not only provided for my family, but captured the respect of my peers and senior management as well. It also allowed me to win trips all over the world every year. Setting that goal was the best thing I ever did. We had a great life and without setting that goal, I would have never accomplished many things that accompany it. However, not only was I blessed beyond my wildest dreams, I even set a record that will probably stand forever."

According to Greg, his father taught him, "In sales nothing is impossible."

The Consistency Club isn't for the faint of heart. It isn't for the people who would rather whine than shine.

Learning about Max reminded me of an Air Force quote. "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer."

A lot of sales professionals will view what Max did as impossible. The walls of impossibilities come tumbling down when you're focused on achieving very specific goals.

Why settle for less, when you can be the best you can be every minute, every hour, every day, every week, and every year.

And to Max - we salute you and your accomplishments.

Thanks for reminding us that "In sales nothing is impossible."


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