Pathetic Phrases
Can Ruin A Sales Call

Pathetic phrases can ruin a sales call.

Do you know what you probably don't know?
You may not realize some the things you're saying on a daily basis,
are exactly the same things your competitors are saying
to your sales prospects and customers.

I refer to these as "Pathetic phrases." They're tired, worn, trite
and downright pathetic. I've included 33 of them on this very
popular CD, titled of course, "How To Avoid Sounding
Pathetic During A Sales Call

In addition to getting 33 pathetic phrases to avoid like the plague
I also provide you with options and alternative phrasing for you.
The words you use during a sales call make all the difference in the world.

You'll sound more professional on every sales call as soon as
you listen to this CD which means more sales for you!

I'm also going to include a special Bonus for you.
You will also get my new 40 page booklet of
250 Inspirational quotations to keep you motivated everyday.
This is a $8.97 value.

Jim Meisenheimer

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