Phone Selling With Voice-mail

Phone selling is something that is seldom learned and something that most entrepreneurs and salespeople too often take for granted.

It's been said "Your voice is your second face." If that's true perhaps you should sharpen your telephone skills and especially when it comes to voice-mail.

Maybe your voice-mail needs help. Maybe you talk too fast. Maybe you sound like a monotone. And what's even worse - maybe you talk too much. This is the cardinal sin when it comes to phone selling.

There are too few people who follow proper voice-mail guidelines. Here are five ways to improve your voice mail messages.

1. Remember the hyphen when leaving your phone number. It’s there for a reason. There are two times - in a ten digit phone number where a brief pause makes the difference. The purpose of leaving your number on a voice-mail message is for the other party to get it. They’ll get it if you remember the hyphens are there for a reason. This is a much overlooked phone selling tip.

2. If you want to be remembered be brief. You’re not giving a speech. You don’t have to tell me what you’re going to tell me, then tell me, and then tell me what you just told me. Brevity sticks like velcro. Keep your message under 30 seconds. Outline your thoughts before you make the call.

3. Make sure you sound alive when you record your voice-mail greeting, especially if you’re in the habit of changing it daily. Changing your voice- mail recorded message every day seems like a big waste of time. People already know the day and the date, so why do you have to put that in your message? Stand-up when you record your personal voice-mail message - you'll sound more energetic.

4. Don’t feel obligated to leave a message every time you call. If leaving a message is important, do it. If it’s not important skip it. If you’re calling someone three or four times during the same day, one message is enough. Leaving three or four messages should be avoided because it simply sends the wrong message.

5. One of the real advantages of using voice-mail is that you can make an off line connection with another person. Be sure you are very specific about your requirements and needs. Provide enough information so the person you are calling can return your call with the details you’re looking for.

Voice-mail is a great phone selling tool when used properly. A poorly written letter says something about you. A poorly worded voice-mail says the same thing.

When it comes to phone selling and using voice mail – remember less is always more.

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