How To Avoid Putting Your Foot
In Your Mouth During A Sales Call


If you’re an entrepreneur or a professional sales representative the last thing you want to do is put your foot in your mouth during an important sales call.

The more you prepare for your sales calls the less likely you are to fumble and mumble with your sales prospects.

Preparation always trumps improvisation. Your sales prospects can always tell when you are improvising.

At the first sign of improvisation your sales prospects automatically start thinking, "Here we go again."

You may not realize this, but it's very easy to sound pathetic during a sales call.

As a matter-of-fact I have identified 31 common phrases used by salespeople that simply diminishes their professionalism.

Here are just a few of them:

"I think"

"No problem"


"I was in the area"

Now these phrases and others like them just detract from your professionalism. They don't however, necessarily, put your foot in your mouth.

There is one phrase that almost everyone in sales uses repeatedly.

It's used because you want to demonstrate you care about your sales prospects.

It's used because you want to show how responsive you are to your sales prospects.

It's used because you want to show your sales prospects how quickly you're able to respond to their requests.

But hear this! As soon as you utter these words you have put your foot squarely into your mouth. And once there, you must suffer the consequences. And of course the bigger the sales prospect the bigger the consequences are.

Here's the one phrase you should never say during a sales call because it puts you in an almost untenable position.

And so you should never ask "How soon do you need it?"

How do you think most people respond to this question? Can you imagine responses like I need it yesterday, later today if possible, ASAP etc.?

As soon as you get these responses you'll suddenly realize once again you put your foot into your mouth.

Dadgummit - I did it again.

That's it in a nutshell!

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