Quick Sales Tips

A few quick sales tips, if implemented, can have a big impact on your selling results.

These tips aren't necessarily powerful, however they can make a difference. And to be successful in sales all you really need is an edge, however slight it may be.

When calling a sales prospect on the telephone ask if it's okay for you to ask a few real quick questions. Most people have time for quick questions.

Another selling tip to keep in mind is to try to avoid using the word "But." It's a negative word and should be avoided whenever you're talking to sales prospects and customers. During sales training programs I often ask the group for alternative words. Invariably someone says, "However." I usually respond to that by saying "However" is a "But" with a bow tie - so you should avoid that word too.

Well then you probably would like to know what's better than a "But" and a "However." Actually a better choice of words is "And." For example you might say, "I can see your point Mr. Sales Prospect "And" something else you might want to consider is . . .

Keep a composition notebook in your car. It's a great place to keep your ideas, your results, and your observations. It's also a good place to write down what works during a sales call and what doesn't work during a sales call, while it's still fresh in your mind. How many times have you ever had an idea, that was original and smashing at the time, only to completely forget it forever.

Invest at least 15 minutes every day reading sales books in sales articles. A great resource for your purchase of sales books is www.amazon.com. And a great resource for getting free sales articles is www.ezinearticles.com. You will amaze yourself at how knowledgeable you'll become on the subject of sales if you read consistently.

Here's another quick sales tip to help you grow your business. Most salespeople do not ask the right questions. When you ask the right questions you can expect to get the right answers. I can't explain why but most salespeople tend to ask closed-ended questions, which can be answered in one word.

It's wiser to ask open-ended questions. I've written a book titled, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers." A good open-ended question should begin with these words - "How" and "What."

Another sales tip is so basic it's ridiculous how many salespeople don't do it. The sales tip is to have a written sales call objective for all sales calls. If you don't have a written sales call objective two things will happen. First you'll end up sounding like all other salespeople without written objectives. Second you'll look and sound like a tourist on a sales call.

One more quick sales tip for you. Take your annual quota and divided by 12. Divide this number by four. Divide this number by five. Divide this number by two. The result is how much you need to sell every morning and every afternoon. It's great way to optimize your sales effort everyday.

As soon as you start using these 8 quick sales tips you'll start selling more everyday!

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