Run And Hide

"Run and hide" is what Dan Kennedy talked about in his
new Special Report.

He said, "When there is an environment of great
uncertainty, disruption and fear, people tend to do
one of two things: run and hide, paralyzed!" I will
cover his second point in a future newsletter.

These are tough times. People are frightened. Everybody
knows somebody who's out of work.

Most people are loaded with debt. I guess it makes
nothing but good sense to have a 60" HDTV on your credit
card and no money in the bank.

People who have jobs are working harder to cover for
the less fortunate who have lost their jobs.

Just remember this - the top salespeople in any
organization are seldom the first to be let go.

If you're not one of the top salespeople in your
company - what are you waiting for?

Don't expect improved sales performance tomorrow,
if you're relying on what you did yesterday!

During good times it's okay to sell your products
and services. During tough times people need hope.

So that means you should start selling hope if you
want to start selling more today.

Ask questions to find out what keeps your sales
prospects and customers up at night.

Don't be so concerned about selling product features
and benefits today, shift gears and start selling
solutions to explicit problems your sales prospects
and customers are dealing with.

And if you're not sure what the word "Explicit"
means - look it up in your dictionary.

The thing about being down is - it's up to you to
pick yourself back up again

You need a source of sales inspiration!

You need a source of sales motivation!

You need a source for new selling ideas!

You need a source for sharpening your selling skills!

It's been said that "Choice not chance determines your
destiny." I believe this to be true.

In fact, it's more true today than ever before.

You and I are where we are today because of the choices
we've made in the past.

The choices you make today will affect and influence
where you are tomorrow.

You can run and hide or be bold, brazen, and brave!

Choose wisely my friends!

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Screw The Recession

You know you can if you want to. Don't let this
recession get you down. Shake up your thinking,
increase your curiosity and learn as much as you
can about how to develop a "Can do" attitude during
these tough times.

Anybody can sell during good times. Consider all the
people in Florida who decided they could sell real
estate. WHOOP-de-do! When the good times turned sour
these people abandoned Real Estate Sales faster than
it takes to fry an egg in a skillet.

If you're in sales for the long haul this is no time
to run and hide.

It's time to get serious, get tough and master the
selling skills and customer skills that you need
to succeed.

Do this and you'll take your sales to a new level.

Take a look at this if you want to get your sales up
when the economy is down.

Jim Meisenheimer

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P.P.S. - on a sheet of paper write down your 12 best
open-ended questions. You should be able to do this
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If you can't do this, why not use my 12 best questions,
because the road to selling success is paved with good
open-ended sales questions.

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