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Tuesday, March 31, 2008

Published by Jim Meisenheimer

Issue # 357
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Sales-Moxie . . . You Gotta Have It To Succeed In Sales

Sales-Moxie - you gotta have it to succeed in sales.

Do you know the origin of the word Moxie? I didn't think so!

A brief lesson in history. Dr. Agustin Thompson was born in 1835. He enlisted in the Union Army and was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

After the war he studied medicine and developed the largest medical practice in New England.

He left his prosperous medical practice to work on a new product he called "Moxie Nerve Food." This "Moxie product" was a mixture of gentian-root extract, from South America, that a Lieutenant Moxie gave to Dr. Thompson.

The product was sold as a health beverage and a medicine. Apparently "Moxie" caught on like wildfire and sold 543,000 cases in 1895.

Referring again to my dictionary it states that if you have "Moxie" you have nerve, courage and energy. Other experts say "Moxie" describes people with courage, guts, nerve and savvy.

One final definition says to have "Moxie" is to have skill or know-how.

Dr. Thompson leaves a thriving medical practice to start a company called "Moxie." He was an entrepreneur long before the word ever existed. He certainly was savvy, had nerve, displayed courage, and to be sure had guts.

I believe, to be outrageously successful in sales, and why would you settle for anything less than that, you must have "Moxie."

You need to know what you don't know. What you don't know could be opening your customers' doors for your competitors.

You can only discover what you don't know with continuous and intentional learning.

You have to display courage by taking risks and doing things you've never done before.

You have to have guts to relentlessly pursue the big deals in your sales territory. The big sales prospects won't come looking for you.

  • Keep stretching yourself.
  • Keep growing.
  • Keep learning.
  • Keep bouncing up after you get knocked down.

And remember you only have to be a little better to become a lot more successful - that's a Meisenheimerism worth remembering.

By the way, about six weeks ago I put together a 3-pack bundle of some of my best CDs. At the time I had 100 sets and they sold in a flash. So I got to thinking you really liked that half price offer - so I'm going to do it again with three different CDs.

Here's the deal simply stated. It's three CDs for half price. This time only 75 sets are available.

Here are the titles:

"How To Adapt Your Selling Style To Your Buyers Buying Style." Do you know why some sales calls are easy and some are over the top challenging? A lot of it has to do with behavioral styles.

You see people enjoy doing business with people they like and are most like themselves. This CD provides insight into how to deal with the different behavioral styles

The second CD is titled "5 Secrets To Preparing Winning Proposals That Will Suck The Wind Out Of Your Competitor's Sail." one of the biggest mistakes a majority of salespeople make is doing quotes. Why would you do a quote when the focus is always on price?

Forget quotes and do winning sales proposals. This CD will give you five creative ideas on how to prepare and deliver differentiated and value filled sales proposals.

The third CD, "17 Ways To Make Your Stand-up Presentations Stand-out." Look - I've been a professional speaker for 19.5 years and have been nominated to the Speaker Hall Of Fame four times. I know what works and what to avoid whenever you're giving a stand-up presentation.

The ideas you'll take away from this CD will make you a shining star the next time you're giving a stand-up presentation.

There you have it, a 3-pack of CDs loaded with practical sales tips and techniques that will get immediate results for you.

Here's the special half-price offer!

These CDs are individually priced at $29.95 or $89.85 for the 3-pack.

I have 75 sets ready to ship for half price which is $44.92. This is a terrific value for you and will definitely increase your "Sales Moxie."

You save a bundle and get a bundle of sales tips and sales techniques. Your payback from these CDs will be immediate.

Having "Sales-Moxie" means you have skills and know-how. Know-how isn't something you learned 20 years ago. It's something new you learn every day. It's a steady diet of new information, knowledge, and ideas you can use to continue to grow your business especially during tough economic times.

As soon as you order - I'll thank you.

As soon as you listen to the CDs - you'll thank me!

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Start selling more today and everyday . . .


Jim Meisenheimer
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