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Sales Management Coaching is one of the smartest investments senior executives can offer their front line sales managers. Promoting one of your top salespeople into sales management and expecting them to succeed without the proper training and coaching is strategic suicide.

There are two ways I can work with your sales managers.

1. You can send them to my 2-day Sales Management Coaching Program which is strictly limited to 3 managers per class. It's as close to one-on-one training you can get. And the investment is very reasonable. And the payback is immediate!

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2. The other way is one-on-one. My Sales Management Coaching can be one-on-one over the telephone or it can be one-on-one in my office in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Or, the Sales Management Coaching, can be a combination of telephone coaching and face-to-face coaching. To discuss the possibilities, I invite you to call me personally at (800) 266-1268.


Here's what one client said:

I can't eloquently put into words the value that we have received
from your Sales Management Coaching and training, but I think
$49.5 million speaks loudly

I look forward to our next session for even more great ideas!

Greg Peters
Vice President
Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc

Another client had this to say . . .

"Jim answered one question and solved a big problem for us.

We used his step by step advice to close a big sale.

The result was a 5 year contract totaling $12.5 Million."

Ed Jarosz, President Edwards Medical Supply

Here's what another client said:

I think you and I have been working together for about 3 years.
Here are some facts. In three years our sales are up 98.6%,
profit numbers exceed Exxon's 8%.

Lisa closed an order today using what you taught us
worth $150,000 and we were the highest price. Michael closed
an order 3 weeks ago for $825,000, again we had the highest price.

Our backlog of orders hit a record breaking number today. Lisa and
Karen are coming to your boot camp in a week or so. Our goal is
to close the orders and have the highest price.

We do it day after day.

Tom King, Jr. President ThermoFab

Here's what still another client said:

Our sales management team worked with Jim for two days. At the end of the morning on the first day, Jim gave us an idea that will increase our annual sales by at least $2,000,000.

Dan Robinson, North American Sales Manager, Myron L Company

There's a big difference between experience and training. Sure it's possible to have 10 years of experience. You could also have 1-year repeated 10 times. YIKES!

Would you fly with a pilot who wasn't properly trained?

Would you hire a surgeon who wasn't properly trained?

Would you hire a lawyer who wasn't properly trained?

The answer is an obvious "Of course not."

A well-trained sales manager can achieve extraordinary selling results - because he knows what he's doing.

Here's a short list of challenges most sales managers face:

Do you know how to side-step the 12 dumbest things salespeople do?

Do you know how to establish goals to achieve results?

Do you know how to balance your time and your life?

Do you know what standards of performance are and how they relate to measuring selling results for your sales team?

Can you spot the winners from the whiners during an interview?

Do you know how much it'll cost you when you hire the wrong sales person?

Do you know the difference between coaching and training?

Do you know what's critically important to planning every successful sales meeting?

Do you know how to teach your salespeople "How to sell value" instead of discounting?

Do you know how to motivate everyone on your sales team?

Look - I've been there and done that. I've made all the mistakes a sales manager can make and now I can show sales managers how to avoid making these mistakes.

Pick up the phone and let's discuss the possibilities - (800) 266-1268.

Don't dawdle - you can use this link right now to get registered.

Come train with me and I'll take to to the next level!

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