Sales Questions . . .
One Of The Best Kept Secrets
To Getting Surefire Selling Results
Is Asking The Right Questions

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Asking good sales questions will always exceed your sales prospects and customer's expectations because it's something most salespeople and entrepreneurs fail to do.

Selling isn't easy. The easier it looks, the more difficult it is. Just ask any successful selling pro. However, selling is easier, a whole lot easier, when you start asking the right questions.

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make, especially new salespeople, is they talk too much and start selling too soon.

Some salespeople feel compelled to show up and throw-up on their prospects and customers. Forget this approach and get your sales prospects and customers talking.

Here's a big sales tip for you. Employ your ears before you engage your mouth.

Your ears will always out-earn your mouth.

In reality, the less you say the smarter you'll sound. But you have to get your prospects and customers talking about their interests, issues, and challenges.

You can so this simply by asking the right sales questions.

There are two reasons why salespeople talk so much. One has to do with insecurity. It's the misbegotten belief that you can impress your sales prospects and customers by telling them everything you know about a particular subject - even when you know very little. This is simply untrue.

The other reason has to do with knowledge or the lack of it. You see, many salespeople don't know what they don't know. Unless their employers provide sales training which emphasizes selling skills, they probably don't ask any good open-ended sales questions.

I believe the road to selling success is paved with lots of good sales questions.

A good question stimulates listening.

A good question stimulates a healthy conversation which is essential to successful selling - it's also a pretty good sales tip you should never forget.

It's vitally important to be asking good questions, so much so, I wrote a book on the subject titled, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers."

It's a small book that will have a big impact on you and your business!

Imagine how it will make you feel, being able, maybe for the first time in your life, to get your sales prospects and customers to open up - I mean really open to you. The more you learn about them the easier it is for you to help them solve their problems.

Isn't that really what selling is all about - solving customer problems?

Get this book before your competitors do.

Use this link to learn more about this powerful book.

It's easy to read and even easier to apply to your business.

Asking questions is more important than having the right answers.


This book will make you bullet-proof from your competitors.

Jim Meisenheimer


P.S. - Checkout the bonuses you get with the book.

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