Are You Having A Tough Time
Getting Your Sales Up
When The Economy Is Down

Learn 80 Quick Read Lessons
From These 80 Sales Experts

Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets is a remarkable (and very timely) new book that will teach you exactly how the top 50 sales pros are selling more -- right now! Every day!

Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets is packed with real-life examples and rock solid advice from 50 leading sales experts. You get 80 quick-read lessons that show you precisely how to grow your sales...even in a downturn.

Just one idea applied can put thousands of dollars in your pocket! See it here.

Major corporations have happily paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for this
information, from these author-speakers but you can get it all for just $24.95.

You'll learn how to:

-- Create opportunities in a tough economy

-- Five selling tips for selling in tough times

-- Deal effectively with the competition

-- Steal business away from your competition

-- Teach consequences to your prospects

You'll also learn how to:

-- Open the closed doors

-- See new face and win new opportunities

-- Get past the gatekeeper

-- Rethink how you open

If you're serious about advancing your sales career act now. Top Dog Sales Secrets is the best 25 dollar investment you will ever make.
Order your copy now!

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You have absolutely zero risk. I have a long relationship with the publisher
who guarantees your "extreme satisfaction."

Take a few moments right now to learn more, you'll be glad you did.

Start selling more,

Jim Meisenheimer

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