The Ultimate Sales Training Tip

Would you like to know what the ultimate sales training tip is from a sales trainer?

Well - I just got back from delivering two sales training programs.

Both groups were loaded with talented salespeople.

Each group had specific objectives they wanted to accomplish with their sales training program.

We had some fun, I spilled my guts, and shared lots of selling skills and money making ideas with them.

Both groups shared their challenges with me and I of course shared my ideas and selling techniques on how to deal with them.

I told them the 12 dumbest things salespeople do.

I shared some ideas on how to avoid sounding pathetic during a sales call. Judging from their reaction to this part of the presentation, they learned a thing or two on how to deliver a more polished presentation.

I gave them the two best words to use whenever they hear, "How much is this going to cost."

I also gave them a perfect segue from asking questions to beginning their sales presentation.

They learned rock-solid ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. I stressed to both sales teams you can win bigger sales by being just a little better than the competition. You don't have to be twice as good.

We talked about how to be a high touch person in the high-tech world we live in. A simple handwritten note thanking someone for their help, is like winning an Oscar to a person who is seldom recognized for his/her work.

Throughout the day I tried to give examples of how they could drive the competition bananas - they seemed to enjoy hearing these ideas.

I gave them the four secrets to dealing with the ever increasing load of paperwork.

I told them you become what you read - not every body bought into that idea.

I told them you become what you expect and why it's important to always expect the best when you're selling.

I showed both groups how to gussy-up their quotes and convert them to dynamic sales proposals that scream value.

We reviewed my list of the 12 best questions to ask prospects/customers. This is an incredible sales training tip for anyone in sales.

I read the evaluations on the flight home and they were positive. But you know, I got to thinking, maybe I could have done a better job.

You see, if I could ask everyone who participated in the day long sales training program - what was the ultimate sales training tip they took away from the program. I'm not sure they would know the answer.

And that's because I didn't put the ultimate sales training tip up in neon lights for everyone to see and hear.

Well I can fix that right now - because you're reading this article.

So here we go!

The centerpiece for all sales presentations, especially when you're meeting someone for the first time, and the ultimate sales training tip is:

***** employ your ears before you engage your mouth *****

I'm convinced the easiest way to increase your sales is to ask better and more thought-provoking open ended questions.

While you're listening to your sales prospects and customers respond to your questions don't forget to take good notes.

The road to your sales success is paved with good questions.

The less you say, the smarter you'll sound!

Jim Meisenheimer shows salespeople how to increase sales and how to make more money using practical ideas that get immediate results.


Here's another sales training tip - come to my next Sales Training Boot Camp.

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