Saved but not had time

Hi Jim: So sorry, but i'm a college professor who teaches sales & mktg. most of my life was in corporate professional selling with Pfizer - my college full-time job is my 'later in life' job i did not expect to get involved with. so, academia is a huge change and takes most of my time. My point and comments to you are:

I saved your course and have not taken the time to participate. I will this spring; but not now. Presently, in addition to teaching, attending committee meetings, I am preparing a 2 year professional sales degree for my college and writing a supplement to accompany already published sales texts.
I am impressed with your site and info. I've examined so far. I have no problem recommending others to check it out. I decided to take your course because i have always tried to learn from everyone who is a professional and also, to stay current. That's why I chose your program.
Sorry this is so long. Have a great year.

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