Screw The Recession

A few months ago I was talking to a sales person,
Griff Neighbors, who I've known for more than 10 years.

He said Jim, "I took your advice and have a white board in
my office. On the whiteboard I wrote, Screw The Recession."

This got me thinking about what's going on in our country,
especially this year. You and I can't control too much of it.

It really doesn't matter, the good news is you still have
plenty of time to exceed your year end sales quota. As you
read that sentence if your first thought is “That’s
impossible” - then for you unfortunately it is.

Your actions follow your thoughts - so never think in a
negative way. Never - ever!

Nothing in the world is impossible unless you happen to
agree that it is.

“Selling is a battle,” Griff said this too. His biggest
account took a tumble this year - but he ain't QUITTING,
and neither should you.

There are winners and losers.

The winners keep winning and the losers keep whining.

I'd be making my numbers . . .

If my company was more supportive of my selling efforts.

If my company had more people.

If we had a better customer service department.

If I had a better sales territory.

If our marketing department had better literature and

If we had a better website.

If my competition wasn't always using low-ball pricing

If my customers weren't always asking for better

If we had a stronger economy.

If the stock market wasn't spiraling downward.

Balderdash – just a bunch of cockamamie excuses!

Don't spend a nanosecond thinking about excuses. Focus
your attention, like a laser beam, on specific and
written action steps that will help you reach your
goals and have a positive impact on selling results.

Imagine Lance Armstrong saying or thinking, if only I
didn't have cancer I might be able to win the
Tour de France.

In fact he did have cancer and he won the Tour de France
a record-breaking seven consecutive years, from 1999-2005.
He is the only individual to win the race seven times.


Imagine Erik Weihenmayer saying or thinking, if only
I wasn't blind I would climb Mount Everest. In fact
Erik, who is blind, successfully climbed Mt. Everest
on May 25, 2001 as part of the NFB 2001 Everest

This may be even more remarkable!

Ordinary people can do remarkable things. If you don't
see your name in today's obituary it means you have the
opportunity to do remarkable things

Forget about thinking times are tough. Start thinking
screw the recession. It's time for you to get tough.

There are valuable lessons here. I've heard it said that
the game of golf is "Between your ears."

So is the business of selling - "It's between your ears."

How you think is everything. How you spend your time is
everything. What you do every day is everything.

Winners are doers who spend their days "Doing."

Whiners are thinkers who spend their days "Wondering."

If you're "Wondering" while you're working, what are you
doing in your spare time?

When the going gets tough, the winners go to work.

When the going gets tough, the whiners start pointing

Screw the recession!

To wrap this up, I'm reminded of something William H.
Johnsen once said, "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Screw the recession!

Yes indeed, I even wrote an eBook on the subject.

Screw The Recession:
17 Ways To Get Sales Up When The Economy Is Down

CD version - $29.97


eBook version - $19.97

Jim Meisenheimer

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