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Discover the best selling eBooks you can use to grow your business. Jim Meisenheimer's eBooks are Amazon #1 Best-sellers. Read them and you'll start selling more today and every day!

What Are Selling eBooks

An eBook is a type of book that can be downloaded, stored on your computer or other devices like iPads and Kindle. 

You simply download them. You don't need to be connected to the internet to read ebooks - once they've been downloaded. 

Your puppy can't chew them up and they can't be lost. When you download your ebooks, they are safely stored and you can keep them forever.   

Unlike traditional books Jim's Selling eBooks have hyperlinks to direct you to other websites related to the content of the eBook you're reading.

With ebooks there is absolutely no need to cut down trees for paper. A definite environmental plus!

Another plus is you don't have to pay for postage for Selling eBooks.

Why Selling eBooks

If you're like me, you want clear, concise information to help you start selling more. You're looking for practical solutions and sales tips you can use to outsmart your competition.

Maybe you're looking for sales tips and selling techniques to boost your self-confidence. You came to the right place.

I wrote these eBooks so you could sharpen your selling skills, solve your customers' problems and enjoy the selling profession more.

These eBooks are the fastest way to give you the straight talk about selling. Once you download them you can read them whenever or wherever you want to.

My eBooks will show you how to start selling more today and everyday!

List of My Selling eBooks

The Brand Called You – 39 Ways to Differentiate You from Your Competitors

Jim has done it again! I at first planned on just skimming the book, planning on sitting down with it later for a deeper dive. As I got into it, it was so easy to read, and so full of instantly-usable, common-sense real world tips that I went through the entire book. Now I need to go through it again and pick out the ones I will implement first. Get this book, you'll be glad you did.

Art Sobczak

Selling Made Simple – Six Keys to Selling Success

This book gives you some good advice on selling. The author teaches you fundamental strategies to implement and boost your sales power. A quick read, but outlined is some valuable information to improve yourself with practice, preparation, building self confidence, and personal development. I like the tips given for asking the right sales questions. There’s only one person holding you back and it’s up to you.

D. Lee


How to Start Selling More Everyday

I have been a sales professional for over 30 years...I'll never stop learning. This book will remain at my side as a reminder that I must always be focused on being excellent at what I do.

I recommend this book with full enthusiasm.

Mike Long


57 Ways to Take Control of Your Time and Your Life

I've read a lot of time management books, and believed I had a pretty good grasp of the topic, but I learned even MORE by reading Jim's book. 

Angela Valentine


No-brainer Sales Tips and Techniques

I will recommend this book to my entire sales team as a must read. 

Joseph S Gobernatz


Selling Made Simple – 32 Things You Should Never Say During a Sales Call

In Selling Made Simple Meisenheimer identifies 32 "pathetic" phrases that when used in a sales presentation, separate the amateurs from the professionals.  Some are just plain bad habits we all develop from time to time. Saying things like, "How did we look on the quote I sent you?" Meisenheimer recommends using the right words, "What was your reaction to the sales proposal I sent you last Thursday?" He's so right!

I can guarantee you this: no matter how long you've been selling, you'll learn a lot about the words to use and the words not to use from reading this eBook.

Bill Lee


Selling Made Simple - How to Win More Sales Using 12 Dazzling Sales Strategies

I have been in sales most of my life. Yes, some of the material is basic sales (and life) training, however, there were many NEW ideas and new ways of looking at old ideas that I liked. This book is very valuable to anyone looking to improve their selling skills.

Doug Foster


Sales Management Made Simple – Tips for New Sales Managers

This book includes tips on how to make the transition from sales into sales management, identifies the biggest mistakes new sales managers make, and also includes a list of the biggest mistakes salespeople make and tips on how to avoid making them.

Great read! Well worth the time for any salesman or sale manager interested in learning a few things from a real pro. Jim really knows what he's talking about and provides the information in a very enjoyable and easy to read format.

David Solomon


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