Selling Made Simple

The best advice is brief, and yet it resonates throughout your life according to Steve Calechman in an article in the current Issue of Men’s Health Magazine. It' matches my Selling Made Simple philosophy.

He created a list of “Three Words to Live By.” A few examples include, read the manual, ask for help, and trust your gut.

His article got me thinking about entrepreneurs and salespeople. So I created my own list of “Three words to live by. Selling made simple sales tips on a platter for you.

The best-selling advice you can get should be simple and not complicated.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a professional salesperson here’s my list of “Three words to live by.”

Three Words to Live By

Dress for success

Shine your shoes

Get the appointment

Always be early

Qualify your prospects

Smile when talking

Prepare and practice

Avoid winging anything

Don’t talk excessively

Ask good questions

Learn to listen

Take good notes

Always be smiling

Don’t blend in

Try being different

Dollarize the problems

Dollarize your solutions

Avoid doing quotes

Do sales proposals

Use odd numbers

Anyone can discount

Explain your value

Present tailored solutions

Communicate with brevity

Less is more

Have positive expectations

More Selling Made Simple Sales Tips

Simplicity works best

Establish professional goals

Establish personal goals

Attitude is everything

Close the sale

Handle the objections

Avoid using clichés

Monitor your competition

Show your appreciation

Say thank you

Measure what’s important

Use a headset

Proofread your work

Balance your act

Read every day

Have some fun

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