Selling Mojo Improves Results

Sales Trailblazer Newsletter

The Sales Trailblazer Newsletter

Issue 452 - Selling Mojo

April 27, 2010

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Selling Mojo

Enthusiasm means a lot if you have it.

Discover the secrets to launching your attractor factor.

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Selling Mojo Improves Results

Selling mojo can improve your selling results.

Do you burst into every selling day with enthusiasm?

What kind of specialness do you offer your sales
prospects and customers?

Is your attractor factor working like a magnetic force
for you?

Now's the time . . .

Here are three ways you can add selling mojo to your
daily routine.

1. Establish a written goal to make 3 more quality
face-to-face sales calls every week.

Yeah I know what you're thinking - this is impossible
for you to do. Well maybe it's not so impossible.

Before you start thinking it's impossible let me show
you what the outcome would be if you did make 3 more
sales calls every week. Let's do the math together.

This can have a huge impact on your selling results.
For example - if you typically makes 6 sales calls a
day that adds up to 24 per week, leaving one day as
an office day. That represents 1200 sales calls a year.

When you make 3 additional sales calls a week that will
increase your total sales call productivity by 12.5%.
That's a staggering number.

If you only make 2 additional sales calls a week that
will increase your total sales call productivity by 8.3%.

This little tweak can have a big impact on your selling
results and your personal income.

Go on and give it a try.

2. If preparing sales proposals is something your sales
prospects and customers expect you to do for them, go out
of your way to add value. Just when you think your sales
proposal is ready to be delivered, create three more ways
you can add value for your sales prospects and customers.

Sure, this isn't an easy task for you and will require
some additional homework but I guarantee it will be worth
the extra effort for you.

Here are some ideas. What can you include as a no charge
add on? What special service can you provide at no
additional cost? What can you do to put a smile on your
customer's face?

This requires some original and creative thinking on your
part. It beats being boring, bland and predictable.

What can you do for your sales prospects and existing
customers that no one else is doing for them? Just taking
a few extra minutes thinking about this question will get
your creative juices flowing in the right direction.

Give it a shot!

3. Make one extra phone call everyday to an existing

Sure you're busy. Stop doing what's ordinary and start
doing what's extraordinary if you want to have an
immediate and lasting impact on your sales prospects
and customers. Of course this is not for the weak and

Ask this bold and courageous question.

"What can I do to make today a better day for you?" You
bet it's going out on a limb - but isn't that where the
fruit is?

No doubt no one has ever asked him this question before.
Who knows where this question will take the ensuing

Though one thing is certain. He knows you care.

Next . . .

If you read the business section of your daily newspaper
you're probably seeing signs that the economy is
strengthening and that companies are starting to hire
again. It's about time!

Are you poised to pivot with the improving economy?

Now's the time to exercise your mind to avoid any
complacency about selling.

Now's the time to shake up your thinking about selling.

Now's the time to stop procrastinating and get the
important things done first.

Now's the time to start selling smarter.

Now's the time to get some selling mojo.


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Oscar Wilde once said . . .

I am not young enough to know everything.



Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

21.5 years . . .

528 customers . . .

72.7% repeat business . . .


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