Selling Strategy
Start - Stop - Change

What kind of selling results are you getting with your
current selling strategy? "Insanity is doing the same
thing over and over and expecting different results."
This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, a pretty
bright guy.

Why rely on the same selling strategy if it doesn't work?

I suspect part of the reason is that we don't have any
formal selling strategies. We continue to react to the
daily challenges we face.

The word react is an interesting word. I especially
like the last three letters - "ACT." That's what we
should be doing. Taking action! Taking bold steps to
achieve our objectives.

But how do we break away from old habits? How do we
segue from not having a written selling strategy to
preparing new and formal selling strategies that can
catapult us to a higher level of selling success?

To be sure, I don't have all the answers - but I do
have some ideas.

The first quarter of 2009 is now history. Look in
the mirror and what do you see?

Do you see a person who is 105% to his sales plan?

Do you see a student of selling - someone who is
always looking to do it better?

Do you see someone who is more reactive than proactive
on a daily basis?

Do you see someone who is working more and enjoying
it less?

Do you see someone with a brilliant selling strategy?

Look, if what you're doing isn't working stop doing it.
Stop doing it immediately!

I'd like you to do me a favor. Actually you'll be doing
yourself a big favor.

Type these ten 2-letter words on a sheet of paper. Center
the words on the page and increase the font size to 22 pt.

Here are the words "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Then type three additional words - each word on a separate
line, centered on the page, with a space or two between

Start, stop, and change.

You have all the potential in the world - use it!

Prepare a list of your key selling activities. Things like
prospecting, cold calling, asking questions, sales presentations,
sales proposals, handling the price objection, closing the sale,
time management etc.

For every item on your list, ask this question. Starting
today what can you start doing, stop doing, or change how
you're doing it?

Let your imagination run wild.

Imagine your weakest selling link is prospecting. What can
you start doing to fix that? Well, you can start setting a
goal to call on one new sales prospect everyday. This will
have a huge impact on your business.

What can you stop doing? You can stop thinking you will call
on sales prospects at the end of the day - when you usually
run out of time.

What can you change? You can change the order of things. For
example, you can begin every day by calling on one new sales

A lot of salespeople and entrepreneurs today feel like
they're in a hole. Someone much wiser than me said, "The
best way out of a hole is to stop digging." Stop
digging and create a plan to get out of the hole
you're in.

Read these words every day and you'll be inspired
by them.

"If it is to be, it is up to me."

And begin every day asking three questions:

What can I start doing . . .

What can I stop doing . . .

What can I change . . .

Make this a part of your selling strategy.

It's your life, why settle for less when you can
have so much more?

Taking a poll

A few salespeople had trouble with the link to the
poll I was taking last week. I fixed the link and
will share the results with you next week.

You can still contribute with your feedback.

What's your biggest sales challenge during these
tough times. It takes less than 30 seconds.

Go here to select your biggest sales challenge.


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Elmer Davis

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